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[font=courier new]Apartment 151 - The 'BX'
<embed SRC="http://h1.ripway.com/RastaMuffin2/Nas-Illmatic-03-lifesabitch.mp3">

Every guy knows that feeling. That feeling when you first wake up in the morning with that “morning wood”, and your girl ain’t trying to have it…yes, that’s the feeling I’m talking about. Usually, I bang out one hundred and fifty push-ups every morning, but seeing as though I was a little “stressed out”, I decided to do three hundred instead. Maybe it’d get my mind off Maya, and more focused on the tasks I gotta get done today. After the work out my arms felt like gelatin, but the work out was worth it. Right now I felt amazing, and ready to get shit done. The thought of breaking a sucka’s jaw was runnin’ through my mind. But, I gotta calm down. An infuriated mind would just fuck up my whole game plan. Ahhh, damn I got a shitload of work to get done today, I better get the day crackin’ with a nice hot shower.

As I wiped the steam from the mirror so I could see my face, I heard Maya calling me from the living room. Damn, I do got mad love for this chick, but she always slowing me down from what a nigga has to do. At least she kept the place clean, and she was helpin’ me flip the weight that I just re-upped on. Walking out into the living room I saw the female laying on the couch stomach first, resting her head on her hands as she watched old Jerry Springer episodes.

”What you need girl, I gots shit I gotta do.”
Maya: “Baby…do you think you could me a favor, and massage my back for me? My back has been hurtin’ me all day.”

I suddenly tried to blank everything out of my mind and quickly come up with an excuse. Even if it didn’t come out right at first, I still think I can get away with not massaging her back, haha. Don’t get fucked up, I am a good man, and definitely take care of my girl. I hate seeing these broke ass niggas on the strip, leavin’ their girl wit’ the baby all day.

”I would…but I honestly gotta’ go back to the Chi fo’ a lil’ bit…don’t even ask, it’s a long story, baby” I said as I quickly turned my back, and walked into the bathroom shutting the door behind me. I figured it was a good idea to just walk away, so she didn’t have a chance to say anything back to me.

Alright, with Maya handled, it was time to start off where I finished. I washed my face, and grabbed my necklaces placing them on my head, after I quickly wiped the fingerprints off with an old washcloth. I quickly walked into the back bedroom, grabbing all three of my pistols along with my fitted. This was one of my favorite hat’s that I owned; the shit was custom. I know this little latino nigga from the L.E.S. who stitched “King of Chicago” along with a crown overtop the K. The shit was pussy, and cost me damn near a hundred dollars, but it was worth it to look good.

Leaving the room I tightened my belt, as I walked into the living room. I always have to tighten my damn belt with these straps weighing me down. It wasn’t even a chore anymore, I had grown so used to it. Planting a kiss on Maya’s face, I noticed the worried look in her face. I don’t blame her, I did this exact same thing to her before. Left outta of state, and then didn’t come back. She didn’t have a thing to worry about, I had grown a liking to the Big Apple; but I’m still the ‘King of Chicago’ so a nigga always has to go back home from time to time to hold the throne respectively. I promised her I’d be back, and left the apartment making sure I locked the door behind me. I wasn’t worried about Maya, I left her plenty of straps at the crib if anything go down. Plus, my nigga Samaad is right down the block if anything happens.

Walking to the Navigator where Millz, and B-Ease waited I opened the door instantly smelling marijuana. Nice, this was what I was looking forward to. We had a long drive back to Chi-Town, and I needed this Dutch to calm me down. From here, it’d pretty much be all smooth sailing.


This is MY Fucking Hood

After renting a Hotel under a fake name, and spending a night on the road I finally reached where I belonged most. Seriously, you people have no idea how much love I get in Chicago. At once, the three original members of the ‘Chi-Town Crew’ were recognized, and we were getting chirped from almost every nigga who seen us, and other fellow ‘Chi-Town Crew’ members… that’s right, there’s more of us G’d out motherfuckers. What? Did y’all just think that the infamous Blizz wouldn’t recruit more G’s? Hell no, my rep is too well known to just let it end with me. I want my legacy to spread all the way to the roots of the youth.

Driving through the hood we made a quick stop at the place we always stop first when we’re back in Chicago; The Wash. My mentor Moe Burns had owned this bitch ever since I could remember. I been comin’ here since I was thirteen, and had so many memories in this bitch…but that’s another story.

After walking into The Wash, and letting Moe, the former King of Chicago, know that we was back in town we headed for our next destination; this nigga's crib. E-Jay, a young nigga I watched grow up in front of my eyes. This kid, along with his best friend Boomie, were creations of me. That might sound cocky, but I completely molded these two. Whatever I’m good at, these lil’ niggas is good at. Within a few more years, they’ll be a complete package of my G status, and even more experienced. I got these kids doing what I was doing when I was twenty, at the age of seventeen. C’mon now, that sounds like two unstoppable G’s just waiting to sprout.

Millz slowly halted the extravagant Escalade deep inside the projects of Cabrini Green. The scene was flooded with blue or green; with both Crips and Greenz running around reppin’ their sets. I remember back when we had that big treaty during the Bevins war. Ever since then, my crew and my late brother’s crew have been close allies. Clapping up the regulars, we made our way through the hood heading towards E-Jay’s house. I loved this environment, I don’t even have to keep my hand near my piece; it’s great. I can’t say I don’t get love in New York, because I do. But, better believe I got just as many enemies as I do friends, so I’m always on my guard.

E-Jay was sitting on his porch smoking an L with who? You guessed it, that nigga Boomie. These two were like a dual package; you get one, you get the other. My two protégés obviously seen us coming. Or more likely heard word that I was back in town, and immediately walked up to us. Clapping up my little niggas, I saw something different in them. They both matured a lot, and I knew it was time to let the pit bulls out of their cages.

Image Image
[Left, Boomie – Right, E-Jay]

Boomie: “My muh’fuckin’ nigga, Blizz! It’s good ta’ see the King back ‘round, the hood missed ya’.”
E-Jay: “Hell yeah, of course we was holdin’ shit down here regardless, but it’s betta’ to have you, Millz, and B-Ease back ‘round these parts, man.”
”Nigga y’all got no idea how much I missed the hood…” I said with a huge smile on my face. It felt so good to be back on my turf, resting my ass back in my throne. ”But, better believe I repped the Chi to the fullest wherever I went, and that’s on some straight G to G shit, homey.”
B-Ease: “So what y’all hear? I know the hood heard ‘bout us pretty much runnin’ things in the Big Apple.”
Millz: “There ain’t but a few G’s that are really on the same level as us, and that’s our man Samaad wit’ his group o’ niggas. I know y’all remember him.”
Boomie: “Of course…his boy is that nigga Rob. The crazy foo’ who made that Blood strip naked and shot him in the ass cheek in broad day light. Haha, that nigga always makes an impression where he go.”
”Well…that’s that nigga Rob for ya’…”

We were all so different in our own way, which only made up for a stronger group. People wonder what kept our inner circle so tight, and it was because we was all just a bunch of niggas from Chicago trying to get paper by any means necessary. After exchanging a few G conversations, you know, letting each other know what type of work we put in the hood lately, it was time to make moves like a chess game. Every nigga had his stories that he could tell to a brotha’ from the block. Clapping up everyone I made sure I had a firm grip. You could tell a lot by the way a man shakes his hand, well, at least that’s what Moe taught me.


I have been back home for nearly six days now, and I still ain’t seen my nigga Steve Lincoln, aka ‘Stevie Stacks’ aka ‘Stacks’, aka ‘Pistol Smokin’ Steve’, aka ‘whatever the fuck’. I swear this nigga had so many aliases it was ridiculous. This brotha’ is about two or three years younger than, and we have been putting in work together since High School. ‘Stacks’ was fellow East Green, so of course he was like a brother to me. It was safe to say that since I’m the King of Chicago, he was considered the Prince. Just a few years younger, and lil’ bit less G, I know this nigga grew up living in my shadow. I don’t even do it on purpose, but for some reason my presence usually towers over other people around me. It’s just what happens, it ain’t like I’m doin’ what I’m doin’ for show; fuck that shit. I’m doing this to eat, and take care of my bitch.

My grandmother naturally took Millz, B-Ease, and myself into her home. These two men were practically my brothers, and we always help Grandma ‘round the house. Leaving through the front door, we began walking to the Navigator. We had a mission to find that nigga Steve…the King was gathering his troops for war, and this man was a main part of the group.

Millz knew exactly where to look for this dude without me even telling him. The three of us are from around here, and know the hood like the back of our hand. Not only me, but both Millz and B-Ease went to school with ‘Pistol Smokin’ Steve’, and this nigga has owned the same block ever since he dropped out in the 10th grade. Going directly to the corner of Dover Ave., and Florida Ave we spotted Stevie as I expected.

Pulling up slow to the curb, I noticed Steve reach for his waistband, but instantly ease up when he saw it was the King, and the crew.

[Steve 'Stacks' Bennet]

”Sup my nigga?” I screamed from the passenger side window.
Stevie: “My nigga? Whaddup, G? I see ya’ still got that crown on top ya’ head.”
”Nigga, that’s a definite. I ain’t ever losin’ this crown unless a nigga got the heart to come and pop me…well, come on foo’….get the fuck in the car we got to talk.”

Right after Stevie entered the Navigator, everyone in the car clapped him up, and Millz peeled off. I had to talk with this nigga to see if he was ready to ride with me, but I already knew the answer would be a positive one.


The car ride was a short one, as I simply explained the main details to this man. My nigga Stevie was on his way back to his apartment, so I instructed for Millz to drive him over there. I got love from the block, ‘cause I show the block love. Everyone in my hood is flossin’; from the boss to the look outs.


[font=courier new]I don't want to do it - But I gotta'

The whole room was baked out from all of us smoking our own personal L. My fuckin’ squad was eating well, and I loved it. I was runnin’ things real nice, and the hood hasn’t been this happy in a while. I’m not trying to say I’m a better King than Moe, but Moe tended to make sure his pockets were always fat first, and a few niggas in the hood ain’t like that shit. Not me, if I’m makin’ money, the whole block is makin’ money. I stubbed my Dutch out in the ashtray, and then slammed a clip into my AK-47 assault rifle.

”We gon’ get this nigga…I hate to do it to ‘em, ‘cause he was a good connect for me. The nigga gave me some crazy prices, and I do make a lot of cake…but he’s worth way too much. I can always find a new connect, and kill my old one for a couple million, y’all feel me?”
Millz: “Hell yeah, you know we got’cha back no matter what.”
Boomie: “When I see ‘em I bet you I shoot first…”
Millz: “We all gon’ kill somebody…they ain’t no chump ass nigga’s, Boomie.”
E-Jay: “They ain’t nuttin’ the muh’fuckin’ Chi-Town Crew can’t handle…”
”Ain’t too many nigga’s that can fuck wit’ us, homey…”

I watched my crew clean their weapons; a dirty gun can’t do nothin’ but cause problems. You don’t know what was running through my head. I had an uneasy feeling, but maybe it was just nervousness. I ain’t ever get nervous, though. Maybe it’s because I feel bad for knocking off my connect…nah, fuck that shit. I’m Jamal Bates god damn it, and I’mma eat regardless.

All you heard in the room was Biggie Smalls, and my crew slamming clips into their AK’s. I liked what I saw…I left, and my crew held it down. It feels good coming back home, and seeing my squad strapped. Alright, the plan wasn’t too complicated, but I thought it out nonetheless. I been workin’ with this nigga for years, and he pretty much trusts me. I usually re-up with him twice a month, and this is when I’d call him. He won’t expect shit, and my boys will jes’ come out with guns blazing.

G’d up from the feet up…my nigga’s were straight G’s. One by one we all exited Steve’s apartment, with our automatic assault rifle’s stashed away in duffel bags. It wasn’t even certain that we’d need them, it all depended on what type of company that came with Derek; the connect. I rode with my right hand men, and the other vehicle consisted of Boomie, E-Jay, and Stacks. I closed my eyes slowly, and tried to push everything out of my mind. Everyone I cared for I forgot about, everything I cared for I completely pushed it out my head. Right then, I was a straight savage armed to the teeth with weaponry.


Millz, myself, and B-Ease all sat in our Navigator as we usually did when it was time to re-up. We were meeting this nigga in the alley between 9th and S. Main St., and my nigga’s were posted up all over the place. There was only two entrances into the alley, and both Boomie, and E-Jay were posted up on rooftops positioned perfectly over the deal. Just because a nigga has a piece doesn’t mean he would shoot it. My nigga’s were ‘bout it, and will dump at anyone; anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

I turned the volume down as Derek’s Escalade pulled into the alley. This nigga was ballin’, and had really trusted me. Why wouldn’t he? I been buying my supply off of him for the last eight years, and never once fucked him over. I even helped him roll out some spics that beat him for fifteen kilo’s. Deep in my heart I felt bad for doing this to him, but this was the game, and how I chose to play it.

We all exited the Navigator as I saw Derek stepped out with his little group of four men including him. I approached this nigga with all smiles…like I always say; never let your true emotions be known. My blood was boiling underneath the “we’re cool” façade I was displaying. Why do you think I got the rep I do? I manipulated, and murdered my way to the top. That’s how I gotta be…more G than the next nigga.

[Derek ‘Diesel’ Flowers]

”What’s poppin’ my nigga?”
Derek: “Nigga, jes’ getting this paper…I’m comin’ back from serving this nigga forty key’s…”

Hmmm…That was the wrong thing to tell me. He really had no other reason than to believe I was cool with him. I never did him dirty, I rolled with him to put in work, and watched his back when he needed it. Now, I was definitely getting money, and this nigga’s drugs.

”Well, I need the regular – fitty keys of yayo, and thirty of the dope..” I watched as this nigga’s eyes gleamed, and he was all smiles. I know that feeling he had; the feeling of getting money. He knew I was no joke on the street, and I knew how to flip drugs, so he didn’t expect nothing when I was buyin’ all those fucking kilo’s. That was a shitload of money, and my crew was down to ride on this fool.
Derek: “Damn, Blizz… you my best fuckin’ customer..”
”Haha, you know how a nigga flips weight, nah’mean? I gotta feed my family.”
Derek: “I ain’t mad at’cha, I got that same mentality, my brotha’.”

Obviously, he didn’t…if he did he would of robbed me a long time ago.

Derek: “Smitty…” Derek said, talking to one of his boys. “Get this nigga the work.” Derek instructed, as he walked around to the trunk of the car. Popping the trunk Smitty grabbed four duffel bags containing the stash. Once the bags were in our possession, I had my crew load up the duffel bags, as I had a conversation with Derek. I ain’t wanna talk to this nigga, I was just trying to distract him as my crew loaded up the bags.

As they placed the last duffel bag into the Navigator, that’s when B-Ease grabbed his AK that was sitting on the seat. As he took aim at Derek, I immediately saw his facial expression change from contentment to sheer fear. Before either Derek, or his boys could reach for their weapons my squad unloaded. B-Ease was the first nigga to fire taking Derek’s face off with three well-aimed shots of his rifle.

I backed up, and out of the gunfire as Boomie took out that dude Smitty…I think that was his name, but it doesn’t matter. He ain’t nothing but a stiff corpse now. You know me, if my crew is bucking, then I’m definitely sparking my pistol. Taking out my Ruger, and CZ-100, I fired four shots from both striking one of the last men who were standing. The shots exploded in his chest, as three struck his head. The last nigga was picked off by two shots by either E-Jay, or ‘Stacks’. I couldn’t tell from where I was standing, but all I knew was that his ass dropped instantly.

Now it was time to get the fuck out of there. Millz ran to the Navigator, as I followed up behind B-Ease. This nigga Derek should of never told me he just sold forty kilo’s, what the fuck was wrong with him. Ripping through his Escalade, we found three duffel bags full of cash. This nigga Derek sold his kilo’s for twenty grand, so since he sold forty kilo’s I knew there was nothing less than eight-hundred grand in these bags. My nigga’s had already peeled from the rooftops, and already heading back towards the safehouse. Quickly, me and my nigga B-Ease hopped into the Navigator, as we headed back to my Grandmother’s home.


A New Beginning

It’s been a couple days since I murked Derek, and his crew. You wouldn’t believe how many nigga’s been talkin’ on the streets. The word spread like wildfire, but I didn’t give a fuck since my pockets were growing. Derek was a huge supplier, so all the nigga’s that bought their work from him would all have to come to me. Haha, I like…I like this a lot. My flow will be jumping, and my money will be stacked way higher than ever before. This is a new beginning – I’m the new Kingpin.



-[3x] NPCs: Boomie, E-Jay, Stacks, all to be armed with AK-47's. These are to be treated like PC's, and can do pretty much anything I can. I don't know what type this is, so will an admin let me know.
-[50x] Kilo's of High Quality Cocaine
-[30x] Kilo's of High Quality Heroin
-Death of Derek, and his crew
-For Jamal Bates to be considered as the new Kingpin
-$800,000 from stolen drug money he had in his vehicle. He had told me that he just sold forty kilo's of cocaine, so the money was obviously still in his car.
-Clean escape
-Your thoughts about the piece.[/font]

Jamal "Blizz" Bates

"I can't get much streeter. I'm nice wit' my hands, but I'm better wit' the heater..."

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