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 Post subject: William Altierri
PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 12:00 am 

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Name:William Altierri
Alias: "Two Knives" Originated from the mafioso also named Will Altierri, who always used two knives to kill his victims. It's purely coincidental, and they have no relation, despite Will also preferring to use knives. "Grave Digger" a nickname Gino gave Will after seeing him dispose of bodies.
DOB: 6-14-1982
Blood Type: 0
Nationality: Italian/American
Language: English (Primary). Italian (Broken.)


Anna Altierri-1961 to Present. Mother.
Elizabeth Altierri- 1921 to 1989. Grandmother.

Joseph Altierri-1960 to 1991-Father.
Richard Altierri-Date of birth unknown. Grandfather.

Richard Altierri the 2nd.- 1980 to ? Last seen in 1993.


Strengths: Will is an expert with knives, known to prefer throwing daggers than using a pistol, or getting up close and personal. Amazing skills with a pistol, however he prefers not to use it, and despises anything besides a Colt 1911A1 or a USP 45. handgun. He is somewhat acrobatic, and enjoys making his kills silently. His specialty is hiding corpses, a uncanny ability he learned in Italy.

Weaknesses: Sometimes can be clumsy with his knives if he doesn't throw them properly. His strength is slightly above average for his age, and his hand to hand combat only specializes in takedowns and kicks. Will does not like using shotguns at all, and would much rather be holding a rifle. His eyesight is not that great, which is why he prefers a handgun. Will's main weakness is that he has random out of body experiences from time to time, which causes him to lose a lot of sleep.

Will's mother was a caring and loving parent, and her husbands ties with the mafia were a secret until Will was the age of seven, and he found out. Joseph brought work home with him, and Will witnessed the massacre of three men, all done by his father and a special bodyguard. Then it was revealed to his family the truth. His father was a soldier in a Italian mob, and things were tough. William was fascinated with the idea, but his mother shunned him. He frequently spoke with his father about it, who would give him information in bits and peices. By sixteen years old, Will had started up his roots, and was secretly an associate for the Don, running simple jobs for the Don until he got older. His father was dead, and he decided he needed to live on that legacy. It was there he befriended Zecht Ermorden, the son of that "special bodyguard" that his father worked with.

Zecht was twenty-three at the time, and had taken the lives of over a dozen people, the Don's most astonishing hitman. From Zecht, Will learned the hitman tools of the trade, and practiced these skills until they were near perfect. He seen Zecht roughly six times a year, and by the time Will was eighteen, he took a flight back to America with Zecht, and they did business together for three weeks, before Zecht moved on. Will lived on his own, working in various small mafia's and organized gangs until he met Gino Civello, where things would spark up for him.

And there you go, a shitty background story, that sounds like every other biography I have ever written.


-See signature

William Altierri


McDaniels Leone [Class A Gunman]
[Armed with Beretta M92FS. Fifteen Round Magazine. Nine Rounds Remaining.]
Personal Weapons On Hand
Glock 17. [9mm. 17 Round Magazine. 16 rounds remaining.]
Black Stiletto [Seven Inches. Dagger]
[x2] Concealed Daggers. [Six Inches overall in length. Three inch blade, partially serrated. Stored in belt sheath]

Nissan Z Coupe. Black.
Other Things
[x1] Pair Of Black Surgical Gloves.

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