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They were walking through the small port where the Yacht, The Lady Luck was docked; the area bustled with tourists during the day and then was almost the same in the evening, there were a few clubs but the rest were small family run restaurants. They sat down outside a small café and began to speak between themselves. Mickey on the other hand was silent, his eyes trailing on a female who was desperately looking for a customer quickly for some reason. A few meters to the right a male began to push his way through the crowds, he was wearing a pink suit with a large hat which shadowed most of his face. As he approached the woman the pimp held out his hand, demanding the week’s takings, the girl silently pleaded with him before the pimps hand snapped around her wrist and dragged her through the crowd and into an ally.

“Local pimps been renting their girls around here Mickey” Nicola started but Mickey replied quickly without turning his head from the ally;
“Really? – No shit. Back in a minute, we’re getting into the sex industry” Nicola nodded; she knew what It was like to be a working girl that that having a rough pimp was painful and exhausting. Mickey had some respect for the working girls and it was obvious he wouldn’t be one of those rough pimps. Mickey pushed himself from the chair and

The ally was cold and damp, it was deadly silent. A few meters down was a dumpster; opposite was a poorly maintained fire escape which looked as if it could have collapsed if someone looked at it the wrong way. At the far end of the ally the pimp in his horrid pink suit, on the floor was the woman Mickey had seen earlier, she cowered on the floor, begging for the mercy of her pimp. Her pleas were left unanswered; Mickey would deal with it himself. As he silently walked towards the pimp the shouting between the two became louder as Mickey approached. The pimp was pulled back and tripped, his hat falling from his head as he hit the cold damp floor. Mickey gave the pimp a forceful kick which hit him on the side. The kicks continued hitting him in the side until there was a loud crunch of his ribs breaking, Mickey lent down and hit him once in the face;
“The end of your career bitch” Mickey stood up and slammed his foot down into the face of the pimp. Either dead or badly beaten, in both cases he knew that this was Mickey’s turf. The woman, in her early twenties looked at Mickey, kicked the body at her feet then smiled she didn’t look like she was originally from Jamaica;
“… You’re the new guy in this shit hole?” she asked, pushing some golden blonde hair from her face, Mickey nodded in reply,
“Maybe. Tell me about the working girls around here” She looked at him for a moment, unsure after a moment she spoke,
“Theres a few small time pimps with one or two girls poking around. But they’re paying half their takings to the big pimp”
“What’s his name?”
“He is called Liberty, ironically” she laughed quietly
“Where can I find him?” Mickey asked
“Theres a club, a few minutes further down the port, don’t know what its called” she replied, Mickey rolled his eyes, annoyed that he needed to find where this guy Liberty was unaided,
“Bring your takings to my yacht Sunday night, alright?” The woman nodded and began to make her way out of the ally, a moment later she paused and turned her head back,
“Its Rachael” she called back to Mickey, who hadn’t yet moved,
“Mickey” was the quick reply. By time he looked up Rachael had gone, Mickey followed and headed back to the café which he found the others had left. Instead Mickey returned to the Lady Luck and got some rest, he would destroy the club and this ‘Liberty’s’ pimping ring, securing his ownership of the port territory.

It was true, what Rachael said, about the small time pimps, at sunset they began to move between the bars desperately trying to call and convert more girls into their cause, obviously the rent Liberty was charging was too high for them or they were just greedy, desiring more money to make themselves look even more obvious. Mickey had decided to keep everyone back until the locations and plans were correct, besides, they’d be in a shit heap if they bombed the wrong building. Stepping off the Lady Luck, Mickey adjusted the two handguns in either side of his waist belt. The plan was to intimidate the local pimps into handing over either information or their hoes. Simple.

The first pimp was easy to spot; he was wearing a bright green suit and was strutting into a cozy looking restaurant, hitting the asses of women with a can as he walked passed them. Fucking idiot. Mickey followed after him into the restaurant; it would be a pleasure to get this idiot of the streets.

He was sat at a small table with an eighteen year old girl on his lap; his hands were trailing up her slim legs and up her skirt. His hand jerked back and was placed immediately on the table as Mickey arrived,
“Wha’ the fuc’ man, dis guy tryin, t’ star’ shi’ with me?!” The runt of a man in the green suit laughed and went back to feeling up his lady-friend thinking that Mickey would have left.
“You one of liberty’s boys?” Mickey asked
“Eh, I don’t work for no one, that prick liberty just make me pay to sell my women here-” he turned to the woman on his lap “-aint that right baby?” the woman nodded,
“Get the fuck outside I want to talk with you” Mickey snapped back quickly, then looked to the female, Mickey continued
“Who’d you run to if he wasn’t around?” she shrugged and Mickey smiled “You’d work for me right?” He asked, she nodded slowly but then was thrown from her position on her pimps lap as he stood up knocking a table over,
“You tryin’ t’ pimp my gir’ whe’ I aroun’ get da fuck outsid’ bitch!” Mickey smiled and nodded, looking back to a waiter he apologized on behalf of the aggressive pimp then to the hooker sitting dazed on the chair. Mickey followed the pimp outside.

Street fighting was regular in the area, why no one bothered to turn around when the first punch was thrown, Mickey brushed the fist aside raising one arm which hooked around the pimps neck and retracted, the face of the runty-pimp colliding with a crunch, blood erupting from his nose. Broken. He fell back and looked up at Mickey, who began to speak,
“Wheres Liberty’s club?”
“Dunno, de new guy’ can’ go der’” Mickey nodded and began to walk towards him, the pimp moved also, scrabbling backwards to try and get out of Mickey’s way.
“Next question. Name two people that will know where it is” The runty-pimp paused for a second thinking but still trying to get away, Mickey still following after him.
“Ders a guy, ef’re’one on de street knows im as Scorpia, crazy mo’fo but hes sur’ t’ have info” Mickey nodded in thanks to the runty-pimp who had just ended his carrer. Kicking him down the steps onto the marina Mickey grabbed the pimp by his hair and dragged him to the end. Throwing him down at the end of a jetty Mickey took hold of an anchor and rope which were tied together whilst the pimp spoke;
“shi’yo a craze’ fuck man. De, de oth’ gu is calle’ Jack, hes Liberty’s bitch” Mickey paused for a moment, but thinking it was just a slip of the tongue during panic ignored the comment suggesting Liberty had a boyfriend.
“He be wit’ Liberty a lot , he get he’ ass driv’n roun’ in dis hummer ting’ he got the numba’ of Liberty’s girls” Mickey nodded and grabbed the runty-pimps neck strangling him with the rope as he tied it, before lifting the anchor tossing it in the water. The pimp lay still for a moment for a second before being yanked into the water, the shock would have most likely have broken his neck. Returning to the restaurant to collect the girl the runty-pimp had previously owned Mickey made sure that they completely understood one another, after a few drinks she was all for working with Mickey. After catching the eye of a British tourist she disappeared to do her thing, Mickey returned to the Yacht in order to get some rest before having to attack Liberty’s man-bitch or Scorpia

The hummer was spotted a few days later. Well, heard, music blared from the inside attracting attention to the passing vehicle. At its speed it was easy to keep up with as it crawled the streets, collecting money from the working girls on the streets. Nanny Foxy and Mickey each followed with weapons concealed, leaving the others to continue getting ready and gaining information on the ‘big three’ targets.
“Hey baby, wheres Liberty’s weekly?” Came the voice from the inside of the black hummer, the working girl beside looked edgy then stuttered
“Its been a slow week…” The door to the hummer opened and out stepped a huge black male built like a tank, the girl cowered and edged back as he raised his fist and struck her so hard she fell to the floor her eye darkening almost instantly.
“Have some repect mother fucker. You not hear her? – Been a slow week” Mickey said simply drawing the attention from the bulky collector who turned and began to approach them,
“What the fuck you say, Liberty will hear abou-” He was cut off by the gun shot. The bulk looked down to check if it was him that had been shot. Pulling a hand to cover the small patch of growing red he breathed slowly, Mickey looked around to see who shot, neither Nanny or Foxy had their weapons drawn, the female voice answered their question;
“I told you, never joke about my father” There was a second shot that erupted from the handgun in her hand, she looked up to Mickey and dropped the weapon it clattering on the floor;
“Shit. Look, he deserved it, please, don’t tell anyone” Mickey nodded and picked up the gun pocketing it quickly, looking back to Nanny he gave his orders;
“Get rid of the body. Foxy your with me.” He turned to the shaking girl “You work for me and I don’t tell anyone alright?” she nodded still frightened of what the three of them might say or do,
“In the car” Mickey motioned for the two of them to get in the car since Nanny had been given his job to do. The only regret was that one of the information sources had been killed, it was up to Scorpia to have the information they needed. The hummer began to move once more, the street looking as if nothing had happened, besides there wasn’t anyone that wanted to stand up to the man-bitch that was going out with Liberty.

“Scorpia? – Hes the arms guy, protects Liberty’s girls and make sure the security at the club works out” Mickey nodded as they arrived at the Yacht, the girl, Vicky was going to stay with them until Liberty’s empire had collapsed.
“You know where the club is?” Mickey asked, she nodded as if everyone knew where it was,
“It’s a few minutes into the city” Mickey nodded, Scorpia completely being forgotten, Mickey looked back to foxy who was sitting n the back counting the money that was in a briefcase on the passenger seat, the takings for the week.
“Got ‘bout seventeen gran’ Mickey” Was the report from the backseat, Mickey nodded and the three of them climbed out from the car, boarding the yacht they began preparations; Liberty’s empire was facing a coup.

“Liberty has the front doors covered, the back has some guns but not enough, besides if you use the car, Liberty will think you’re the man-bitch” Vicky informed them, she didn’t go into detail but it was enough for a plan to be concocted…

Music throbbed from inside the club they were parked at the side entrance to the club, waiting it was the easiest way into the club and to Liberty, lights trailed across the sky and the main building of the strip club. Looking back to the others who were crammed into the back of the hummer, each of them eager to get to the fighting Mickey checked everything was ready for the attack.

The doors to the hummer opened and the group burst from it, also a burst of gunfire took out the guards that would hinder their escape, Nanny and Carlos were left to guard the car whilst the others went in to deal with Liberty.

The group split once more once they were inside, the use of molotovs would start a fire in the backrooms which would spread coincidentally quickly. Whilst Mickey and Nicola went and dealt with Liberty who was relaxing in his private ‘office’ The inside of the club had no real security, the outside was the protection, once inside the place was hollow, not that the group were complaining. Mickey and Nicola slowly walked into Liberty’s office. A blonde woman retracted her tongue from the mouth of the woman in suit sitting in the chair as she noticed the two entering the room, she pulled herself from the suited womans lap and onto the desk, quickly trying to cover herself, the shot hit her in the left eye and her brains covered the wall, the suited woman who could now safely be named Liberty turned to face them, she was white, but there was also an abundance of red lipstick markings across her face,
“She was one of my best acts”

Joey, Leo and Foxy had each of the molotovs positioned in three of the many private rooms where the erotic dancing took place, simultaneously they removed a lighter from their pockets and began to ignite the oiled rag, as the glass shattered against the walls, they hastily moved from the rooms and back the way they came, being stopped only by one woman who was desperate for the money and offered half price for all three of them, they refused and continued on as the smell of fire began to grow…

“Well are you going to shoot me or what?” Liberty asked, Mickey sniffed the air and looked at her, it was a waste of a life but he saw his own business to be far to important for such things as remorse. The trigger limply allowed itself to be pulled back, the bullet erupting from the barrel and concealing itself in her throat. Mickey turned and began to leave before they were trapped inside by the flames, Nicola shrugged before turning
“Waster” she muttered with a smile on her face, once out of the office room they began to run as they returned to the car they drove away quickly, a blitzkrieg that ended the empire…

They drank steadily and spoke loudly amongst one another until later that night when there was a slam, doors closing. Bullets began to pepper the yacht, quickly they armed themselves. It must have been early in the morning since the only light came from the yacht and the two vans with their headlights on. The gunfight was harsh but there were no casualties on Mickey’s side, the sides of the yacht provided excellent cover whereas the vans below only provided cover for one or two each, but even those were caught by the bullets that were shot from the M-85s. The gun fire began to slow after about ten minutes, after another two the sound of gun fire stopped, Mickey elected himself to go down and check out the scene, giving the others a chance to recover from the gunfight.

The street was empty, bodies lay silent apart from one that was propped up against the wheel of one of the vans, and a handgun lay beside him. On his face was a large tattoo of a scorpion, his hair was also short, but cut into an arrow shaped like the tail of a scorpion, there would be no prize for guessing who this could be…
“Cosimo pimps the streets now, got that scorpion boy?” There was a low groan from the dying Scorpia who knew that his occupation had lay in weapons, not pimping. He removed a small black book and a cell phone form his pocket, placing them infront of Mickey he nodded, though his attempt at attacking Mickey whilst his business was weak he knew when he was defeated.
“Treat the girls with some respect capiche?” He had a rough Italian accent, and something about him gave Mickey a rare sense of mercy, the gun shot was quick and painless. Lifting the black book and cell phone they would need some time to call in more street girls, those that were already working for Liberty would have been written down. Standing up the two items were put into his pocket. Turning to look up at the yacht he called out to the others
“Get this fucking graveyard cleared before the pigs arrive”

Pages: 6
Words: 2925
Font & Size: Times New Roman.12

Black Hummer H3

Takeover of NPC prostitution ring resulting in;- Death of NPCs: Liberty, ‘Man-bitch’ and Scorpia
- Destruction of NPC club Sin City
- 4 or more Prostitutes
- X amount of money collected weekly


[1] Class A Thug
[5] Class A Gunmen
[1] Class B Theif
[2] Class A Drug Dealers
[4] Maids/cleaners
[5] Chefs/cooks
[2] Receptionist
[1] Manager
[1] Accountant
[2] Sailors
[1] Mercedes CLS500
[1] Yacht 'The Lady Luck'
[5] AK-103
[3] Parker-Hale M-85
[6] Kevlar vests
[3] Berretta 92G ELITE II
[1] Baseball bat
[1] MP5

[1] Ski mask
[1] Gloves
[1]Lockpick kit
[8] NVGs

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My bitch.

Professional RPing eh? Try pretentious, boring, and snobbish.
When a staffer says your piece looks great- don't believe them. They're pulling your leg, trying to get you to stay here. The real critics are long gone and stabbed.

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    It was all pretty straight forward, easy to fallow. I did like how you took the time on finding out about Liberty from the smaller pimp. You did a good job, but I don't think the pimps would of made much. I liked it, it was fine. It was simple, and plan, boring at some points. Over all it was alright.

    Out come:
    $17,000 - $5000
    Black Hummer H3 - Awarded
    Death of Liberty, ‘Man-bitch’ and Scorpia - Awarded
    Destruction of NPC club Sin City - Awarded
    4 or more Prostitutes - 4 Awarded
    X amount of money collected weekly - $3000

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I had another grading- but since new guy already did it... Locked.

Professional RPing eh? Try pretentious, boring, and snobbish.
When a staffer says your piece looks great- don't believe them. They're pulling your leg, trying to get you to stay here. The real critics are long gone and stabbed.

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