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NB: This is an almost biographical piece, meant to establish the existence of two NPCs close to my character (Arcadia Navelli). It is angled differently to most NPC 'Collections', but I felt this was necessary, as she could not really recruit her own brothers into her life.

Just Add Butter.

2 Weeks Ago.

A Broadway Show, New York.

Their dance is mesmerizing, their bodies seeming to flow across the ground like a silk scarf floating through the wind. It’s beautiful, really, and amazing, that anyone can move like that. It must take years. Correction, it does take years. Practice, time, tears and pain. But they made it there, just as Mathias had made it to the place he was now – the organizer for a top level Hollywood Director; name undisclosed, as ever.
Mathias’ eyes moved with the man and woman on stage, his thoughts, however, did not. He was focused internally, on his older siblings – Giuseppi and Arcadia. The latter was ever the mysterious woman, forever disappearing and reappearing, but always there when he needed her support. She valued Family, even though she wouldn’t let on. The former, a straight forward man whom Mathias looked up to – whenever he was around, which was a rare occurrence. That made him a little angry, if his sister could make the effort, then why not his brother? But that was beside the point …
A solid hand came down on his shoulder, and his boss murmured something in his ear; Mathias only just managed to catch the fact that his boss wanted a glass of water, half ice, and then he was off, striding down the aisle. His life was spent pleasing one pampered idiot, and sucking up to the rest of them. He had plenty of reasons to be angry – least of all his older brother who didn’t seem to care. He was completely aware of the fact that he was, regrettably, a very angry young man.

Reno, Nevada.

The television set on the far side of the motel room crackled, the signal dipping out for a few seconds before it caught the show once more and pushed forth, the presenter crying out almost orgasmically ‘Just Add Butter!’ as she struggled to do three things at once, her hair frizzing up, and a small bead of sweat appearing at the apex of her forehead as she continued on. Giuseppi grunted out a half laugh, his finger falling on the power button of the remote, letting the boob tube fall silent for the millionth time that night.
Outside the window sirens screamed past, heading down the strip towards the source of some disturbance. The heavyset man scratched at his right temple, screwing up his face as he yawned at the same time, sniffing back the mucus that had collected in his nose during the past few minutes or so. He repressed the urge to hock it out onto the carpet, and instead swallowed it as he propped his cowboy boots up on the end of the bed, the new leather creaking a little. He sure liked those boots – his last mark had had some taste at least.
The lights flickered mildly, and he cast his eyes upwards. This wasn’t the kind of life he’d envisioned years ago; he’d wanted a white collar job, plenty of dough and a legit job. A wife maybe, couple of kids. Not all this traveling, this uncertainty. He wanted something like Mathias had, the lucky little bastard. He almost sneered; Mathias had never been in his good books. Deep down inside himself, Giuseppi suspected that he was jealous of his little brother, of all the success that he was enjoying. Ah well. Such is life.

The Reason.

2 Years Previous.

The Horse And Tail, Somewhere In England.

Giuseppi adjusted his Stetson a little, dipping it low so his eyes couldn’t be seen, before he entered the small bar on the corner of Mulberry and Hawthorn. Normally he would’ve looked far out of place in this English landscape, an arrogant American on the streets of an English village, but the streets were filled with people in costume, faeries and goblins, medieval archers and Americans alike.
The bar itself was bristling with people in their costumes, but Giuseppi picked out his straight edge brother long before anyone else stood out. Sitting in the corner, Mathias wore a pin striped suit and an equally boring tie to go with it. Before him was a bowl of salad and a glass of water, and on the other side of the table, Arcadia. He smiled ever so slightly; his brother had obviously ordered for her, and on the table in front of her was a plate of Ravioli, accompanied with a glass of red wine. Credit given to Mathias, he remembered what people liked. He was a people pleaser; which sometimes was an advantage.
Giuseppi approached almost unnoticed until about 5 metres away, as Arcadia’s ever roaming eyes laid directly on his face and made him in an instant. Ah, but he was proud of her. She’d learnt from him, knew everything he did, and then she’d gone and learnt more. He wasn’t ashamed to say she was better than him in their ‘business’ … she deserved to be. She’d spent a lifetime studying death in its every guise. He slid into the booth beside her, ruffling her hair.

little fella,

She grinned, eyes alight with happiness, and he couldn’t help but grin back. It was infectious, if nothing else. Across from them Mathias watched on, regret bubbling just beneath the surface. Inwardly Giuseppi sighed; this was awkward, but it had to be done … Family was, after all, Family.

Mathias watched his two older siblings greeting one another and wondered how they could’ve become the people they were. He realised he knew next to nothing about them from about the age of 17 when he’d gone to live with an Aunt in France. So much could happen in 7 years, and it had. He gave Arcadia a reassuring smile as she looked at him, a hint of worry in her eyes. She didn’t want him to feel left out, but that was the way it always would be, and she really had lost all rights to worry from the first time she’d tried to commit suicide.
If it was anybody who needed to worry, it was her two brothers, and if there was anyone to worry about, it was her. That seemed to be the sole common ground Giuseppi and himself had maintained; love of their sister, and concern for her welfare. It was the only reason they continued this farce of liking one another, the only reason they continued to meet every month or so. It was a good reason.

Words In A Minor.

Present Day.

Mann’s Chinese Theatre Show, Los Angeles.

You have no idea where she fucking well is, do you?

Giuseppi’s voice was low, dangerous, and sure to get louder. He always started off quietly and gradually got louder until he was the customary vision of a raging Texan, screaming because he’d lost one of his prize steers, or the steak he was eating wasn’t cooked properly. Mathias sighed softly; he didn’t have time for this conversation, but the fact that his sister had been out of contact for this long worried him. Despite her mystery, she made a good point of checking in every few days. This time she hadn’t, and Giuseppi was apparently blaming it on his younger brother.

I have no idea where she is; if anybody should know, it’s you.

Mathias left it at that … he may have disliked his brother, but he didn’t want to hurt him, or do something completely unforgivable. He glanced around, noting that the movie itself was nearly finished, and his boss would want to be moving soon, to escape the barrage of comments and questions about his latest creation.

I don’t have time for this, Giuseppi. Not now. I’ll call you later.

The phone clicked shut before his brother could say anything more on the matter, and Mathias turned it off, shoving it deep into the bag he carried on one shoulder. Inside were files, water bottles, mints; anything that could be needed throughout the day, and his cellphone. The one personal affect he was ‘allowed’ to carry on his person during the day. The young man frowned slightly, trying to think when Arcadia had last contacted him. It had been a while, but not too long. Soon enough he would start tracking her down.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Giuseppi set down the handset of the public telephone, his temper stirring up pretty well. His brother was an expert at brushing people off if he didn’t want to speak to them; he had the capacity to politely rebuke his older brother, and yet he never used it. The two did not appreciate one another, and even less so when things like this happened.
Turning from the phone booth, he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his pants after adjusting the suit jacket that he was wearing. His style had changed, but only as it was needed. This time he was working for a high up in one of the casinos, tracking a band of criminals down until he could safely eliminate them and regain the casino’s profit; for a certain number, of course. But this wasn’t taking up his mind as much as it should be … Arcadia was out there somewhere, and as his brother did, he worried about her. Something had happened to her, he was sure of it.

- Two NPCs
Giuseppi + Mathias, Arcadia’s brothers.
- Your enjoyment.

Credit given to Anubis for the 'Just add butter' line, which started this whole thing. Thanks hon :) <hugz>


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- Two NPCs
Giuseppi + Mathias, Arcadia’s brothers. Approved
- Your enjoyment. Dûh

- I hate it when my steak isn't properly cooked... as well...


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