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PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 7:25 pm 

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The Black Cat Takeover [NPC Takeover]
Written and edited by Dan Riches

Begin in Detroit:
It was beautiful; the white bricks were illuminated by the small spotlights placed for decoration. The black sky helped the brick stood out; it was a perfect advertising picture. In the center of the building were two bouncers, in the typical pose of their trade, arms folded lips frowning. There was a long queue stood behind the red rope, at their feet a red carpet. It was all to make the customer feel like royalty, until of course the next morning when they came down from their trip. Above the bouncers there was a sign ‘Black Cat Club’ In a moment the scene froze and his pen crossed through the sign, the red in began to form the words ‘Club Cocaona’

[size=92]“Why you looking at pictures of Jamaica Mickey?â€


[1] Class A Thug
[5] Class A Gunmen
[1] Class B Theif
[2] Class A Drug Dealers
[4] Maids/cleaners
[5] Chefs/cooks
[2] Receptionist
[1] Manager
[1] Accountant
[2] Sailors
[1] Mercedes CLS500
[1] Yacht 'The Lady Luck'
[5] AK-103
[3] Parker-Hale M-85
[6] Kevlar vests
[3] Berretta 92G ELITE II
[1] Baseball bat
[1] MP5

[1] Ski mask
[1] Gloves
[1]Lockpick kit
[8] NVGs

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2006 6:29 pm 

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Transport requests:
Transport to Jamaica via Canadian flights. - Granted

Business Requests:
[1] Black Cat Club, to be changed to Cocaona - Granted
[4] Class A Security guards - Four it is, granted
[7] Waitresses/Bar staff - Aye, Granted
[X amount] Cocaine - 20 Ounces
[3] Class A Drug dealers - [x2] Class A D.D

Death of NPC drug lord - Granted
$1,000,000 - $800,000
[2] Class A Gunmen – Nanny and Foxy - Approved
[1] MP5 - Approved

OK, let's go in order here, pay me for the flights. Nothing huge there. But just to let you know if I dont get the money in a week or so, all the requests will be denied.

Now the club, that part I liked. I am confused tho', why do you wanna' change it? The old one kicks ass, but its your call... nice job on that part.

The security guards, yeah I gave you four, every club needs security guards. You also did a pretty good job on getting them. Nice job man.

The bar staff, dont you need that when you have a club? Word you do, I let you have those, have fun with them.

The cocaine, I think what I gave you is fair... 20 ounces, right in the middle nothing to big nothing to small. If you got any complaints, hit me up on AIM and we'll talk it out... good job on that part btw.

Now the drug lords, I didnt like that part. Reading the part it confused me, I mean who was who? When you use dialouge try and like explain more who is speaking and shit, you know. So if you arent happy with 2, hit me up on AIM and we can talk.

Now the kill of the drug lord. It was nice, it was like watching/reading a Sopranos hit. Very nice man, keep up the good hits.

Now on the money, I took some off. But dont worry. With this club you'll be making a whole lot more.

Class A gunmen, every man needs them. I let you have both of them. Keep the MP, might as well have a gun for your self.

Really, I enjoyed the RP, kick ass... All I can say is keep up the hard work and enjoy the stuff I gave you. Peace out.


[Eli The Dealer; Said;]
Get off my nuts, faggot.

[Mr. BigValboski; Said;]
How could you leave MSRP! FAGGOT! TRAITOR!

[Eli The Dealer; Said;]
Just like when I left your mom after I fucked her without a condom, and she became pregnant with you.

[Mr. BigValboski; Said;]
My mom killed her self

[Eli The Dealer; Said;]
Yeah, so would I if I was her, I mean raising a kid like you by her self... damn... good for her.

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