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 Post subject: Rome's Requests [1]
PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 8:16 pm 

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Rome’s Requests
Word count: 3.201

Northern Palermo, Sicily

Tomas had just taken a bath and was standing in front of the mirror, combing his hair. He saw himself reflected in the mirror and saw that he’d to shave himself. He combed his hair afterwards and grabbed his shaving machine. He looked at his watch and saw that he’d to haste himself, because he’d to be in the plane in fifty minutes. When he was done he put his Armani suite on. He left his guns at home, because it was impossible these days to take them with you in the plane. Even his knife had to stay home. Tomas grabbed his keys and cell phone and closed the door behind. He walked through the corridor towards Luigi’s room.

He had to go to Rome. His uncle, Roman 'Rome' Luviosa, his mother’s brother, had asked him to come over to Rome, because he had some things to discuss with his nephew. He was a member of the Tusanti Famiglia. He the capo of the Rome Crew. He had received some treads from rivalling gangs. They had let him know that they wanted to go after his drug dealers and that they wouldn’t hesitate to kill them all. He immediately had called his nephew, because he knew that his nephew was in need of some work and that he was always available and, most importantly, he knew his nephew was reliable. He had called immediately and had asked him to come over to Rome. Tomas hadn’t time to think about. His uncle wanted a answer right that moment. Tomas said yes.

Tomas walked over the red carpet with embedded emblems of the hotel. He was here now for two weeks and was really eager to get himself a house on his own. Here there were always people around. The only private place was his own room, but it was as noisy as hell. Some days he couldn’t even get a sleep, because of his left neighbours. It was a young couple and it looked like they were having sex four times a week. Tomas had counted the days and even the time they were having sex. One night he’d grabbed his stopwatch to see how long they were having sex. 45 minutes. Tomas arrived and knocked on Luigi’s door. Tomas heard some rumbling and Luigi; shouting that he would be in the lobby in about five minutes.
Alright, see you there.

Tomas entered the lobby and searched for a chair. He found one in the corner. He let his body fall down in the big, red seat and picked up a newspaper and started reading. He couldn’t focus on the stories, his thoughts were in Rome, not in the lobby of his hotel. He was thinking about the reuniting with his uncle and his crew. Of course he knew that he’d made some mistakes years ago when he was a member of his uncle’s crew, but he also knew that his uncle was more than proud when Tomas became member of the Tusanti-famiglia when he started in the politics some years later. He certainly understood his uncle’s reaction when he told him that he was in Northern Palermo without being a part of a mafia family. His uncle couldn’t understand that his beloved nephew was just a mobster without any affiliation. His uncle said to him that he had to join a family, because he would need some protection. Therefore he’d offered Tomas some gun man, who could help him a long the road. His uncle always wanted Tomas to be the best. He was happy with his uncle’s offer and of course he wanted some gun men. He could always need them, when he was in trouble or when he wanted to join a family or when he would became a part of one. But Tomas knew that when his uncle offer something, he also want something from you in return and Tomas was suspicious about that.

Luigi entered the lobby. He looked as tired as hell; his hair wasn’t combed and he hadn’t shaved himself.
What the heck happened with you? asked Tomas when he saw his younger brother walking towards him. Luigi told him that he hadn’t slept because of the fire works around. Tomas laughed and understood it. He gave Luigi a cup of coffee and left the hotel. Tomas hold down a cab and he let Luigi get in first, than he entered the car. He told the driver to go to the airport. And to do it in haste, because they’d only thirty minutes left to get there.

The Flight

Luigi paid the driver and followed Tomas towards the airport. Tomas searched for the nearest desk and the one with the fewest people. Tomas had time to go standing in a queue. He was in a haste. He looked around and around. He found some with a more than handsome girl behind it. Tomas liked the girl immediately and decided to check in there. He walked towards the girl and asked here for his papers and getting him and Luigi checked in. After that they headed to their plane. Tomas told his brother that he really wanted to see their uncle again. Luigi nodded. It was a long time ago they had seen each other.

Luigi and Tomas were flying economy class. They were in the air for more than two hours now and Tomas was getting sleepy, but he didn’t want to sleep. He wanted to enjoy the view he had from his place. He had his chair next to the window and he could see everything below. He saw the Mediterranean See and some spots, which where the boats on it. Luigi was sitting next to him or better: he was sleeping next to him. Luigi hadn’t been sleeping the night so Tomas understood his brother.

A stewardess asked him if he wanted something to drink or eat. Tomas ordered a glass of hot chocolate milk and some churros. Since he had studied in Murcía he was eating those things every day and with almost every glass of coffee, tea and hot chocolate milk. Tomas always liked sweet candies or sweet cookies, but specially chocolate. In Spain he always ate those churros for breakfast and in Italy he’d always the same dessert; Tiramisù.

Suddenly the plane started shaking. Tomas’ chocolate milk gushed out his cup, the churros felt from the table on the floor.
This is your captain speaking. We’re having some turbulence, but there’re no problems. And as quick as the shaking appeared it went away. The stewardess didn’t came back so Tomas had no choice but grabbing his churros from the ground and ate them. The flight would take another two hours. Then they landed in Rome.

Rome, Italy

When the plane landed the two guys walked out. They noticed it was much warmer in the city than it was in Palermo. When they reached the ground they saw two men waiting for them. Tomas recognized the men, because they were holding a sign in their hands with ‘Di Santo’ on it. Tomas walked towards the two guys and asked them their names. The tallest one was named Julian Blanco, the other said his name was Carlos Velasquez. They were sent by Tomas’ uncle and had to bring Tomas and Luigi to his big house in the centre of Rome.

It was a great day, the sun was shinning and there were no clouds at all. It was about 30° Celsius. Tomas loved this kind of weather, maybe it would be better to stay here and not to go back to Palermo, but then again: in Palermo he was born and raised, at least his during the last six years. He had friends there and couldn’t or wouldn’t give them up
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 7:14 am 

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[x1] Death of Iuliano Montella [NPC]…Granted

[x4] Gun man (Julian Blanco, Carlos Velasquez, Victor Gaucho, Paolo Mandato)… [2]

[x1] Boss (Veronica Sanchez)…Granted

[x4] Beretta 92FS… [2]

[x1] Beretta U22…Granted

[x1] 750.000$…$350,000

[x1] Fiat Panda…Granted

Great story Tomas, I enjoy reading your post. I only gave you [2] Gunmen because you should have spent a little more time on your post as far as getting them. It was done basically with 2 or 3 sentences. They are Gunmen, not thugs.

Talk to you on MSN about it, oook

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