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Latresse thought to herself. Ruth just up and left her like it was nothing. It really wasn't nothing, but the girl could've let her know she was going to leave. It was all good though, she had some things she wanted to take care of as well. Now that she was here in the "D" she needed some niggas to have her back. Although she had her cousin here she still wanted some of her old niggas that she use to run with back in Cali come and chill with her. Maybe it was about time she made a call to them and see what they had been up to. Latresse moved her hand to her pocket and slipped it inside, the tip of her fingers ran across the top of her cell phone and she pulled it out. Looking down at the phone she began to dial in some numbers and put the phone up to her ear. The rung maybe three times and she heard a deep voice answer.

"Ey, dis yo girl."
"Latresse nigga. Remember dat name, do I sound familiar now?"
ElDon-"Haha...hell yeah. Whaddup witcha girl?"
"Nuttin' much. Had to leave Cali for a minute, I ain't sho' when I'm comin' back though."
ElDon-"Fo'real. Why you ain't let a nigga know. Ya know I woulda rolled witchu."
"Yeah I know, dats what I called fo'. I want ya'll niggas to come out and see bitch fo' a minute."
ElDon-"Heh, when you say minute you mean fo' while."
"Yeah, you know me."
ElDon-"Alright, we'll be out dere tomorrow. I'll get them niggas togetha now."
"Aight, call me when you get here."
ElDon-"Cool. One."

Latresse ended the call and closed the phone, it was soon slipped down into her pocket and continued walking down the street. Shit now she had to find something to do until those niggas got there. She headed to the corner store that wasn't too far from where she was standing. Heading inside Latresse went straight to the back of the store and grabbed a bottle of sprite. She was thinking about getting a beer or something, but she ain't feel like that shit today. Once she grabbed the bottle she headed to the counter and put the bottle on the table. "$1.29." Latresse gave the clerk 2 dollars and walked out of the store. She stood against the wall and pulled a fresh blunt out of her pocket, she stuck one in her mouth and lit the end of it with her lighter. She exhaled the smoke and looked up and down the street, she definitly had to find something else to do because this just wasn't cutting it. Latresse moved away from that wall and headed down the street, she was going to find some traffic to play or something.

Next Day
Latresse had been around. Where she had been during the night really didn't matter that much. All she was worried about was that she saw her people today. Latresse waited around an empty apartment building, she was just waiting for one phone call. A couple seconds went by and Latresse felt her phone begin to vibrate in her pocket. She stuck her hand down in that pocket of hers and pulled out her cell phone, flipping it open and putting it up to her ear.

Erick-"Resse, we on 7 mile and Greenfield."
"Alright, well I'm on 7mile and Lauder. Come scoop me up."
Erick-"Aight. We on our way."

Latresse hung up the phone and stood off on the side of this small business. She couldn't wait to see her niggas, it was just like seeing her long lost brothers for the first time. While Latresse waited for their slow asses she pulled out a blunt from her pocket. This girl smoked atleast 6 blunts a day, even if she didn't finish them. She would just roll her a new one and keep doing what she was doing. Resse stuck the blunt between her lips and began to feel her pockets for a lighter. "Shit..." She thought, where the hell is a lighter when you need one. Finally after a couple seconds of panicking she ran across a lighter in her back pocket. She pulled it out and lit the end of the blunt. Not too long afterwards was she pushing that lighter back down in her back pocket. At this time she could hear the loud noises of what seemed to be a cars speakers. She looked around trying to find out where the noises was coming from. Then out of no where she saw this white Yukon Denali pull around the corner.


The first thing that came to Latresse's mind was that, that was her boys coming down the street stunting. She couldn't do nothing but smile as the truck pulled up in front of her. Latresse watched the truck park and the doors swing open. The first person she saw was her bestfriend out of the whole crew....

This was Latresse's number one nigga. They've known each other since she was about 10. They also dated for a few years but decided it was best that they just were friends. The two have been close ever since that day. He would do anything for her and she would do anything for her, thats why he jumped when she told him to come out to Detroit. These two couldn't be broken up unless death occured and that was something she hoped never would happen.

Latresse put that blunt out on the wall and stuck it in her pocket. Once she did that she walked over to ElDon and wrapped her amrs around him. She gave him a big ass hug just to show him how much she missed his ass. ElDon returned the hug and Latresse stepped back with his hands still in her hands and she began talking.

"What's up?"
ElDon-"I'm good, and you?"
"I'm good too. You lookin' good as always."
ElDon-"You too."

Latresse smiled and looked over to her left to see her nigga K-deezy coming around from the passengers side. She was a real happy girl right about now, just reall happy to see her niggas.

Latresse was introduced to Keith who is also known as K-Deezy by ElDon. K and El had been friends long before Latreese and El hooked up. The two of them got along real well so she kept in touch with him just like she did with El. But with her and ElDon their was a different connection which K understood although sometimes he would be a little jealous.

And then you have....

Erick and Latresse became friends about 5 years after she met ElDon and Keith. Erick was trying to be more than friends, but after he realised that it wasn't going to work he backed off and just became friends with Latresse. Who soon introduced him to El and K, and since that moment they couldn't be broken apart. Those niggas would ride everywhere together, make sure people in the hood knew who they were. Erick in particular was the trouble maker and El and K stayed around just to make sure he ain't get into too much trouble running off at the mouth.

Latresse moved her hands from ElDon's hands and she hugged K and Rick. She ain't want to leave them out, those were her niggas too and she couldn't do them like that. She moved back from all three of them and took a nice look at that Yukon they pulled up in. It was nice ride, she had to admit that. Her only question was how these niggas got it, but she wasn't going to ask no questions. She just gave them that look and smiled again. Latresse wondered if Ruth would remember these fools, she have to find that girl. She was probably crying somewhere over Bishop...Hah.

"Damn...what ya'll niggas been up to?"
Erick-"Chillin'. You know same ole thang."
K-Deezy-"Yeah, we been stuntin' through Cali."
"I bet ya'll have been. Where the ride come from?"
ElDon-"A little nigga thought he was the shit. We had to straightin' his ass out. Got a few weapons doin' into so you know we think we the shit now."
"Mmhmm...ya'll niggas gone get caught up."
K-Deezy-"Nah, we too smooth fo' that shit."
ElDon-"You know the deal ma. We ain't gettin' caught."
ElDon-"Straight. But yeah let's get out this bitch."

Erick and K-Deezy hopped in the backseat and let Latresse and ElDon be in the front. Now that they were all together Latresse ain't have nothing to worry about. While El was starting up the truck, Latresse pulled out another blunt and lit it up. She stook a few drags from it and handed it off to El. Then she watched that bitch rotate as everyone to a few hits off of it. This was all Latresse could ask for, she was chilling and smoking a blunt with her niggas. What more could a bitch want...

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 1:03 am 

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An hour or so, please.

Professional RPing eh? Try pretentious, boring, and snobbish.
When a staffer says your piece looks great- don't believe them. They're pulling your leg, trying to get you to stay here. The real critics are long gone and stabbed.

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I am granting all of this, although the... well... slang and verbage threw me off in a few places. being that I live in the USA, I do understand alot of it but... I am also white... and I dont understand some of it.

OK, really, I have no fucking clue what happened the first time I read it. I dont want to sound... pushy or demanding... but...

Can the graders have transelated versions? lol.

Otherwise good job.


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