Corona di Palermo [Canelupo]
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Author:  Mack [ Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:17 am ]
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Mack stopped in sheer amazement, would this man really issue an order to harm his own son? He would, and he did. The cold blooded feelings humans had for eachother never ceased to horrify Mack, although he was usually the one fulfilling the order. Solemnly, Mack nodded his head slowly. "It shall be done, Dr. Phibes." With that the ex hitman turned and left, already trying to compute an answer to the problem at hand, how to cripple Lucan Phibes without permanent damage and with minimal scarring?

Author:  Atanasia cel Rau [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:31 am ]
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As she stepped back into the kitchen, the young woman's sharp blue eyes swivelled to the neon glow emanating from the clock that was set in the top of the stove, next to the dials that regulated the intensity of heat to be used whilst cooking. She frowned slightly and glanced over at the two brothers, who stood conversing in the middle of the lounge, then to the Doctor who had just entered the building.

Gentlemen, we must make a short stop before we go anywhere or do anything. The Family requires a kick-start, which will be given at a meeting to be held at my brother's bowling alley. It is necessary that we attend ...

Her lacquered nails reached out, claw like, advancing on the set of keys that lay on top of the breakfast bar, snaring them up and caging them in her pocket. She was set into a pattern, a wild animal insistent on the pack's continued ferocity, and on their aim - conquer, or die. Her blue eyes were icey balls of determination as she looked up to the three men present.

Let's go, gentlemen.

And that was that, she was out the door, prowling the hallway beyond and descending to the front door, each footstep a soft, dangerous click akin to that of claws on stone, circling ever closer, stalking their prey to it's destination.

Author:  Giacomo Palminteri [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:12 am ]
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Giacomo listened carefully, his eyes not leaving Atanasia as she spoke. As she left, he smiled slightly. An order was an order. Slowly, he stood up and checked his pocket to make sure his keys were still there. Looking sideways at his brother, Giacomo waited for him to respond. When no response came, Giacomo shook his head and left. The older brother followed Atanasia out of the room and out of the mansion. He walked quickly to his car and slid into the driver's seat, starting the engine. Soon, Giacomo was shifting the car into gear and driving it out of the estate grounds and towards the bowling alley.

Why a bowling alley? thought Giacomo, listening to the engine as he changed gears, guiding his car through the streets of Palermo with ease.

Author:  Atanasia cel Rau [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 11:12 am ]
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The sleek vehicle containing Giacomo Palminteri preceded hers, winding its way down the driveway. Atanasia controlled her vehicle gently, easing it into gear with precision and perfect timing. She loved listening to the car idling, loved hearing it roar in response to her actions. As Giacomo turned left, taking the short way to the bowling alley, the young woman took her sunglasses from their case and slipped them onto her face, shielding her eyes from the fiery ball in the sky.
Glancing back at the tall metal gates closing behind her shiny Jaguar, the young woman slipped on her leather driving gloves, revved the engine and spun the wheel, engine roaring as she took off to the right, taking the long road and testing her skills.

Author:  Corvino De Luca [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 1:51 am ]
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[font=Arial, sans-serif]He took in the surroundings for a few seconds and the words that Isi had just spoke. Corvino smiled a sly smile before turning his attention to those walking out of the Villa.

"What's going on with them? If you don't mind me asking"

(OOC - Sorry to god mod you here Atanasia but I need to get to the Bowl-O-Rama somehow and Corvino has no knowledge of this event)

Isi smiled a wicked smile ...

"I think it would be in your best interest to head over to the Familiga's Bowl-O-Rama"

De Luca nodded and before making a dash for the waiting car outside he gave her a quick hug and mouthed the words 'Thank You'.

Author:  Dr. Anton Phibes [ Tue May 23, 2006 7:46 pm ]
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The door opened as he struggled in, his vision blurry and how he drove home he couldn’t remember. He climbed the stairs and fell into bed; famished although he was he slept until noon the next day and once awaking drank his breakfast. The bandages did not cover everything up completely leaving just enough for the mouth so that he could ingest food. The stitches hurt where they had cut and patched skin together, sore and tense it made moving his mouth difficult and talking was limited. After consuming the meal he changed and bathed himself, and went downstairs to the living room. Within that area he sat in silence waiting for someone to return; the family looked as if it had lost many people in the past. Flicking out a cell phone he sent a text message to Atanasia: ‘I’m back’.

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