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[Two Days Previous; Queens, NY]

William remained seated in The Triple Rock, thinking hard about recent events with the Tattaglia Famiglia. Old man Sal had taken care of the Don, and Tom had taken care of Freddie Nobile, their advisor. So technically, it was only fair that William took care of Bruno Tattaglia, most probably the now acting Capo Crimini, but in Will’s eyes, he was Capo Bastone.

Carpozi knew that the schmuck would now most probably be in hiding – and he had still yet to locate the Tattaglia compound, things were moving slowly. The button men and associates still needed to be taken care of, and hopefully old man Sal was sorting things out with the lower ranks of the Lucchese Family, they needed to get to work – after all it had to be a joint effort.

William finally decided to stand, and exit the Triple Rock – but firstly, he summoned Luigi, Mickey, Donnie and Oscar over. ”Donnie, prepare the car – Oscar you go with him.” The two gangsters nodded, and then walked out of the establishment to fetch the Lincoln Town Car. When Carpozi saw the vehicle pull up, he and his two bodyguards then walked out of the establishment and across the sidewalk, Will approached the vehicle and climbed inside – as did everyone else who was their to aid him, as well as protect his life.

The Town Car then sped off, and William lit himself a cigarette – for now he was safe. It was about ten minutes into the journey when William looked in the rear view mirror – the same black Mercedes had been following them for about the same amount of time. ”Donnie, how long has that Mercedes been tailing us?” Donnie, who was driving also, looked in the rear mirror. ”I noticed that same vehicle parked across the block from the club.” William raised an eyebrow. ”They’re Tattaglias, head into the parking complex – we can confront them there.” Donnie then put his foot on the accelerator and sped into the parking complex, in which he drove up to the top floor and parked behind just beside the entrance to the final level. The group then assembled, and opened up the trunk of the vehicle, each man then grabbed an AK-74 assault rifle and loaded, waiting for that Mercedes to come up. When they heard the screeching of tyres, every one of William’s men, including him hid behind the Town Car. Then, the black Mercedes appeared and drove around, parking in one of the many vacant spaces. The four Tattaglia men climbed out of the vehicle, and armed themselves with their Thompson M1 submachine guns, and then looked around.

The four Tattaglia hitmen saw the Town Car parked across from them, and so they loaded their weapons and headed towards the vehicle. The first hitman walked towards the vehicle and shrugged. ”They’re not here … The ride is empty.” He then peaked inside once more, as the second hitman nodded. ”Break into the car.” Just as the hitman had said this, William and his men appeared behind the group. ”I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The four Tattaglia men turned around to see five men standing, William, Luigi, Mickey, Oscar and Donnie all armed with AK-74 assault rifles. ”Put the weapons down onto the ground – and we can settle this without bullets flying and bloodshed.” William’s words were very persuasive, and the first hitman placed his gun down, shortly followed by the rest of them. ”Oscar, gather their weapons.” The gangster nodded, throwing the cigarette from his mouth onto the cement. He then approached the hitmen, and gathered up the Thompson M1 submachine guns. He then took them to the Town Car, and placed them inside the trunk – once he was done, he went and stood back in his previous position – aiming the rifle at the four hitmen. William was still quite calm, and he could tell that Donnie was waiting to pull the trigger. ”So gentlemen, care to share why you were following me?” The four remained silent, and Carpozi then nodded. ”Donnie.” He knew that the hot-headed Donnie was waiting for this, and as soon as he said his name, the gangster pulled the AK-74 trigger and fired a string of bullets into one of the four hitmen – the Tattaglia schmuck fell to the floor, and a pool of blood begun to form on the cement. William had now raised his voice, and he pointed a finger at the three remaining. ”Now you’ll tell me what you want to know!” The three nodded, and Donnie searched the now dead Tattaglia and found a set of car keys, most probably for the Mercedes. ”Search the car.” Donnie nodded and then strolled over to the vehicle, unlocking it with the set of keys. Donnie then searched the vehicle, and eventually opened the glove box to reveal a Colt Detective Special. He then continued to search, and found a cell phone – which would most probably be used to call Bruno Tattaglia after the deed was done, however it wasn’t going to be done. Once he had inspected the car he locked it back up and placed the keys inside his pocket. The vehicle was now Carpozi’s. Donnie handed the pistol to William, who looked at it and then took his aim and fired at one of the hitmen – killing him and sending him to the floor with the other hitman. Now only two remained, and William now placed the pistol into his jacket. ”Now, I will spare your lives if you speak to me right here and right now.” They both nodded, and looked on as the five men continued to aim AK-74s at them. The smaller of the two men spoke, whilst the other held his head in shame. ”Bruno Tattaglia wanted us to make sure you were sleeping with the fishes. He knew that Lucchese wasn’t up to the task, and he had you leading the assault against us.” William nodded, ”And I suppose you were going to call him with this very phone?” The hitman nodded, and William flicked through the numbers on the phone, until he found one that was useful, it was Bruno Tattaglias number. ”Now, I’m going to put this on speaker, when he answers you know what to do.” William aimed this comment towards Oscar, Mickey, Donnie and Luigi – who all loaded their weapons and took their aim at the two remaining hitmen. William put it on speaker, and then dialled Bruno Tattaglias number. ”Is the job done?” Tattaglia asked when he answered the phone. An array of bullets were then realised from the assault rifles and into the bodies of the two remaining hitmen – they also slumped to the floor, and William then wandered over to the phone, and spoke into it. ”Tough luck Bruno. Now, I’m going to make an offer you can’t refuse. Meet me at Flushing Meadows Park in half an hour, by the Unisphere. If you don’t show, Tattaglia will be destroyed. It’s your choice.” William then hung up, and threw the cell phone across the parking complex. He then instructed Donnie and Oscar to take the Mercedes, whilst William, Mickey and Luigi took the Lincoln. Within minutes, the two vehicles sped out of the complex and drove off towards Flushing Meadows.

Twenty minutes later, the two vehicles parked in one of the many parking lots situated around Flushing Meadows. Each man had placed their Kevlar Vests on and the two gangsters and two bodyguards kept the Thompson’s concealed within their overcoats. They then entered the park and proceeded towards the Unisphere – it was a lovely day at Flushing Meadows, children were playing happily, and people were walking their dogs. Not aware that Mafioso were within the park. William and his men continued to walk towards the Unisphere, and there he saw him – Bruno Tattaglia and his three bodyguards, standing around and smoking. Bruno checked his watch several times, and then eventually stopped when William and his crew came into view. The two men then walked closer to one another, Bruno throwing his cigarette onto the ground and stumping it out. The bodyguards and gangsters then assembled behind their respective boss and stood, arms folded. ”Come walk with me Bruno.” William placed his hand on Bruno’s shoulder. ”We are in a public place, what are you possibly afraid of?” Bruno after a few minutes nodded, and the pair then walked off together. William had informed his crew what to do with Tattaglias bodyguards – and that would be to assassinate them in broad daylight and get the hell out of there. However, William knew what Bruno was like, and has requested that Donnie follow the pair. William and Bruno had now walked away from the Unisphere – and Donnie nodded, ”I’m gonna go take a piss.” One of the Tattaglia bodyguards responded. ”You go right ahead and enjoy yourself.” Donnie spat at the floor and then walked off, heading in the direction of Carpozi and Tattaglia – as there were several large bushes in that direction.

The Carpozi men and the Tattaglia men stood, watching each other – none of them speaking a word. Donnie went and hid in the bush which was beside where William and Bruno stopped to talk business. ”So William, what is this offer you plan to make, which you said I cannot refuse.” Carpozi smiled, and placed his hands inside his jacket pocket. ”War is bad for business Mr. Tattaglia, and I am sure you would want your father to be buried in piece – without the threat of you being assassinated as well. I am offering a cease fire, until after your father’s funeral.” Bruno Tattaglia scratched his chin and watched as William moved a few steps forward, eyeing the birds flying past. Tattaglia then reached into his pocket, and removed some garrote wire. Donnie watched as Bruno prepared to use it. ”I’m listening William, please do continue.” William was about to continue speaking when Bruno Tattaglia wrapped the garrote around his throat and begun pulling. Carpozi immediately begun to choke, and out stepped Donnie Marinelli from the bushes, he smashed his fist into the face of Bruno and sent him to the floor. The Lucchese Capo Bastone fell to the floor and begun gaining his breath back, watching as Donnie did what he did best – beat the living crap out of some schmuck.
Back at the Unisphere, the Tattaglia bodyguard was curious as to why Donnie was taking so long. ”Where the fuck is your friend?” Oscar shrugged and responded, ”He has a problem pissing, he might be a while.” The bodyguard didn’t believe the story, and so he reached into his jacket pocket – obviously to remove a weapon. However, Oscar, Mickey and Luigi were quick off the mark and revealed the Thompson’s, and begun firing at the three bodyguards, bullets hit flesh, and bodies hit the floor. Within seconds, Carpozi’s men placed the guns back inside their jackets and ran back towards the Lincoln – in which they climbed in and sped off. By now, William had gained his breath back, and Donnie had dragged Bruno into the bush – both William and Donnie now stood over Tattaglia, who lay on the floor with a bloody face. Back out on the pavement, Carpozi had picked up the garrote wire, and was preparing to use it on Bruno. ”Hold him up Donnie would you kid.” Donnie nodded, and grabbed Tattaglia by the scruff of the neck, pulling him up and holding him. ”I told you I was going to make an offer you couldn’t refuse.” He then choked Bruno with the wire, and Donnie watched on with an evil grin. Tattaglia was soon dead, and fell to the floor within the bush. William then placed the wire into his pocket, and the two men – Carpozi and Marinelli headed back to the Mercedes.

The rendezvous point was decided as Il Club di Paradiso, the new establishment owned by William. It had yet to be opened, and they thought this would a good place to lay low for a couple of hours, maybe even a few days. The Mercedes pulled up at the establishment, William and Donnie entered to find Luigi, Mickey and Oscar seated and already changed. Minutes later, William and Donnie did the same, changed their clothing. When they returned, Oscar went and burned them out back, and placed the remains into the dumpster. The crew now found themselves sat around a table chatting away, drinking, smoking and playing poker – they were no longer in Vegas, so they would take up every gambling chance they had. Two days later, the crew had thought of a plan to attack the Tattaglia Compound – with the family administration gone, as well as the Capo Regime’s and button men, the associates that remained wouldn’t have a clue of what to do when William came waltzing in.

After a change of underwear – and the rest of his clothing, William stepped out of the establishment after breakfast, it was a nice sunny day, and so he placed his sunglasses on and whistled as he approached the Mercedes. Donnie was already in the driver’s seat, with Luigi and Mickey waiting for Carpozi to get in. Oscar was busy placing weapons and such in the trunk – they needed to take equipment with them in case things heated up – and every man had their Kevlar protection on. William climbed inside, as did Luigi and Mickey, and Oscar. Once everyone was inside the vehicle, they then made their way towards the Tattaglia Compound – which was a good half an hours drive away from their current location.

The road was somewhat well guarded by remaining Tattaglia associates, and when they saw the Mercedes approach, they guessed it was Tattaglia men – considering the vehicle was used beforehand by Tattaglia hitmen. The Mercedes pulled into the compound and parked, William leant forward and allowed for Luigi and Mickey to open the middle chair up so they could gain access to the trunk, and remove the Thompson M1 submachine guns. William had his Colt Detective Spl.38 ready to use, and everyone loaded their guns. The vehicle was parked close to the exit – so if any shit did happen, they could be out of there within minutes.

William hadn’t a clue how to tackle this, and so he let Luigi open the passenger door and step out first, he then watched as Mickey also stepped out. Oscar too then stepped out, and they all looked around, keeping their fingers on their triggers, ready to fire if anyone decided to fire at them. Donnie would remain in the vehicle. William then stepped out and looked around, approaching one of the associates. ”I need to speak with whoever is in charge here, now!” The associate nodded ”Mr. Bruno Tattaglia is in charge sir, but he hasn’t been seen for a few days.” William smirked, nodding to his bodyguards who immediately came and stood next to him. ”That’s because Bruno Tattaglia is dead. I am the Lucchese Capo Bastone, I killed him – he is lying somewhere in Flushing Meadows. Now, your Don is dead, your Capo Bastone and Consigliere is dead. Your Capo Regimes are dead, now who is in charge here?” The associate didn’t have a clue of who was in charge now; otherwise he would have killed William by now. ”I guess no one is in charge.” William smiled, and lifted up his newly acquired weapon, instantly firing it up into the air. The other guards situated around the compound turned and looked, and William spoke. ”Phillip and Bruno Tattaglia are dead, as is Freddie Nobile and your two Capo Regimes. The Tattaglia Famiglia are no more, you’re free men.” Carpozi smirked, and looked around at the gangsters who had just received the news. ”Now, I give you this choice – you can walk away now, but I will find you. Or, you can work for the Lucchese Family, and remain here guarding the compound.” The next few minutes went by rather slowly and the gangsters all agreed to working for The Lucchese Family, considering Tattaglia was no more, they were free men and could do whatever the hell they wanted. Most men preferred to live, rather than die, and the choice for them really was that simple. ”You over there.” William whistled, clicked his fingers and then pointed to one of the now Lucchese gangsters. ”Show me around the compound.” The gangster nodded, and wandered over. The tour begun with them entering the main house, which belonged to the Capo Crimini. Inside located was an armoury – in which the gangster knew the code and so he unlocked it. William took a peek inside, and noticed there was an array of weapons already inside. William picked up one of the Mossberg’s and got a feel for it, before eventually placing it back. After the Capo Crimini house, they looked around the Consigliere and Capo Bastones homes, before looking at the guest house and the Capo Regime villas. The compound was large, and the security was good – their was also a garage capable of fitting twenty vehicles in, and already had several within it. Some Lincolns, Saabs, Volvos and even a Hummer were located there collecting dust. The whole compound was seen within an hour, and William then shook hands with several guards before leaving in the Mercedes with his men – it was time to head back to see old man Sal, and hopefully inform him of the good news.


Death of the four Tattaglia hitmen
[1x] Mercedes Benz E320
[1x] Colt Detective Special .38
[1x] Garrote Wire
[4x] Thompson M1 submachine guns
Death of Tattaglia acting Capo Crimini/Capo Bastone; Bruno Tattaglia
Death of Bruno Tattaglias three bodyguards
Ownership of the Tattaglia Compound
The following vehicles which are located within the Compound:
- [3x] 2005 Lincoln Navigators
- [3x] 2005 Volvo S60s
- [3x] 2005 Saab 95 Saloons
- [1x] 2005 Hummer H1 Alpha
The following weapons which are located within the Compound:
- [5x] FN Five-SeVeN Handguns
- [5x] Mossberg 590 Shotguns
- [2x] M79 Grenade Launchers
- [3x] H&K G41 Assault Rifles
[x] Amount of Gangsters that are guarding the Compound – former Tattaglia, and now serving Lucchese
Possible critique?

William ‘Lucky’ Lucchese

Capo Crimini of The Lucchese Family

”All the power on earth can't change destiny…”

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Professional RPing eh? Try pretentious, boring, and snobbish.
When a staffer says your piece looks great- don't believe them. They're pulling your leg, trying to get you to stay here. The real critics are long gone and stabbed.

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Nah...I got it. :D

I will give you the compound.
I will give you the deaths.
Six guys guarding the compound armed with pistols.
Other than that, that's all you get.

My reason for denying so much of it is that you spent more time on the killing of the guys and a lot less time on all the other stuff. It was a decently written heist, but it was just too much focus on the killing of the soldiers. The last paragraph is about taking most of the stuff. You had some choppy sentences that if you re-read it, you would see. I'm sorry if you were hoping for more, but it just wasn't what I'm used to reading from you, mate. I know you've got more in you which is why I gave you the benefit of the doubt with the compound. Talk to me on AIM and I'll give you some more.

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