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 Post subject: To Late for Extortion.
PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:55 pm 

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A new family resturant opened in town a few weeks ago a good little Italian restaurant. It was a small business in a troublesome neighborhood. Moe was told by one of his crew members Oscar he being a man who likes good food scouts out for small little unknown places like this. He told Moe about it. Something came to Moe a small business in a bad neighborhood they might need protection. Moe asked Oscar where it was and once Oscar told him, Moe called up Donnie told him to come in fast as he could they would need the man power. Moe, Donnie, and Oscar all whore black long jackets to make them look spiffy and to give the edge of a mobster. They all whore top hats as well, the strap folded around there waist and tied in front of them. Donnie was the Muscle in the team, and Oscar was the informant he had the connections, Moe of course was the brains.

They all walked to the small business and they where all armed swell. It was not long before they reached the business when they walked in the word Mobsters sank into everything the figure fit it so well. Moe found the owner working in small business the owner as to work. Moe began to offer the owner many different things such as protection insuring that he and his family would be safe all for a small weekly fund, but the owner refused to do so. Donnie was more of a fighter then a thinker he always wanted to get to the fighting. Oscar stood by and watched out acting as a look out. Moe made the offer one last time making sure the owner knew that the family would not be happy if he refused. With that they left, Moe was planning to come back there was no doubt about it; they just needed some more info.

The next day Donnie went back to the small restaurant. He went to go and check it out some, he needed a good look around he noticed there was a 2nd story he asked to go back there but the owner didn't let him because of what happened the other day. After talking to the owner and saying sorry he was let on the 2nd story what he found amazed him and made him very happy. A small casino a gambling racket he walked around looking at the three dealers trying to hustle the players a few dice rollers in the corner of the room an also betting was being done on horse races. Donnie sat down at one of the couches there where around 6 people betting and gambling there where also three mini slot machines which where probably tampered with but that didn't bother Donnie. He continued threw he looked at the third and final stair case. He asked what was up there, one of the dealers answered him back telling him that they used it to stash things in almost like an hideout the owner got a weekly income for letting people stash there stolen money there. So it was almost like a hideout.

Donnie had to go out and tell Moe about it, he found Moe with Oscar around the town talking about needless things. Donnie began to tell Moe about what was going on, about the racket and hideout he had found. Moe didn't like it not one bit. It was too late for an extorting of the business Moe had to take this further for the family's sake. He had to deal with this if word got out that Moe had been declined for a extortion, then all the other restaurant would think they could turn down Moe and his crew, which was not, no matter what exhalable, they had to make an example and show them who was boss of this town who ruled things around here. Oscar, Donnie and Moe where ready for this, only this time they where not planning to leave so easy this time. They went as they did last time by foot. This time they walked in with they're hands in there jacket they’re big black jackets they where holding the handle to the desert eagles that they where all holding.

The owner looked as if he had seen a cost; Moe mocked him reminding him how he said the family would not be happy. The owner shook his head and pleaded the racket upstairs was busy still and getting work. The owner offered double the amount of the extorting on a weekly payment but Moe refused it was too late it was either give up the business or die, the owner did have some heart in him. He shook his head no to Moe, Donnie walked over with Oscar fallowing close behind, Oscar grabbed one arm and held him still and Donnie grabbed the other they held him straight. Moe walked in front of him and pulled his fist back he then let it loss forward and smashed his fist into the owners jaw, the owner's head whipped to the side and groaned as he was hit. Donnie got a few sucker punches in the ribs the owner couldn't take the beating much longer he was not in his youth he was in his early 50s, his hair had some brown left in it but had gray scattered threw. Donnie and Oscar let go Moe made the final chance to hand the club over, the owner gave in and handed over the will.

The Will was Moe's now, the workers stayed and the racket he took over that and the weekly payments. He also set an example of who was not to be fucked with, and Moe was the one. Business would run smoothly, but it would not be long until Moe would have to make his next move.

-Ownership of building. Which includes a small hideout, small racket, and small family restaurant
-The fallowing NPC for the business-
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Moe ‘Green’ Donatelli

Giovane D'Onore of The Lucchese Family

”Death is always smiling at us, The only thing we can do is smile back.”

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2006 12:32 am 

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Alright, one piece of advice I have for you is use the SPELL CHECK. Another thing you may try to do in the future is actually include talking.

You haven't convinced me that the business is large at all so I forgot the entire bookie element. This is a small run down business and I expect your post to be according. I've granted the business so be happy.
x1 CC Professional Dealer
x1 CC Chef
x3 CC Emplyee
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