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PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 4:18 am 

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[font=Arial, sans-serif]For what seemed an eternity, Ivonin finally emerged from the rat infestered hole he was living in these past couple of weeks. It had been a hard road, the events that transpired would still haunt his soul, killing a cop is never an easy thing to do ...

Turetsky flicked open his zippo and lit a ciggerette as he walked to the pay phone, his coat blowing in the cool dusk air. The people around him walked with their heads down, totally engrossed in their own lives as not to be depressed with what the can see around them.

The Russian spoke under his breath as he reached for the payphone door ... "I fucking hate this country" ... in his own navite tounge.

The door snapped shut with a bang, Ivonin already had the money in, dialing away.

*bzzzt bzzzt* ... *bzzzt bzzzt*

A familer Russian voice sounded on the other end of the phone.

"Da?" Ivonin spoke with haste, "Comrade, It's Turetsky, I am in need of a favour" ... "Da, the OTs-33 Pernach ... 18 or 27? 27! Da, two if possible ... can you also bring the 'nessesary'? Excellent, Comrade!" Turetsky waited the enevitable, "Da, 2.5k? Can be done, under the bridge? 30 mintues? I will be there, Das Vidanya"

Ivonin put the handset down, look about his person, before walking a few blocks to underpass, to the meeting point.

He walked with no more conviction then the next person but his breathing was somewhat erratic, this could be a set up, this could be a sting ... we'll deal with that if the time comes ... he thought quitely to himself as he rounded the corner and approached his old associate.


Before Ivonin could even get a word out he was being patted down from both sides, men holding AK-47's trained them at his head.

"Vanya, what is this shit?"

Vanya kept smiling as they poked and prodded,

"You've been gone along time, Ivonin, who knows where you've been ..."

Turetsky shrugged it off, he was right. The men searching him were now combing his pockets for bugs and with a quick hand through his hair he was ready to do buisness.

Vanya gave him the briefcase and the package that was wrapped in a heshan sack. Turetsky opened the case, two Pernachs' sat quitely with a mountain of ammunition. He unrolled the heshan sack to reveal his old Katana, exactly the way he had left it. Even though it was now costing him an arm and a leg it was well worth giving Vanya the cash to hold onto it for him.

Turetsky reached into his pocket and took out the cash and handed it to Vanya. He shoved it into his pants faster then a homeless man shovelling McDonalds into his mouth.

"I take it buisness, not so good?"

Vanya was a bit taken aback by The Russians' observation, it happened to be spot on. Vanya went on his their native tounge.

"No! It's shit, too many people get a slice of the action ... I have to pay these shit kickers here just to guard me, I have to pay my supplier, for fucks sake, I want out!"

Ivonin laughed, gun running was something you definatly had to have a knack for, he never really pictured Vanya as much of a merchant.

"Why not start up with me again? I'm getting back into the game and could use you with me, like the old days ..."

Vanya walked to one of the guards and grabbed the AK-47 out of his hands and threw it to Ivonin, grabbed the other and slung it over his shoulder.

He paused and spoke to the two guards as he peeled off a few notes and handed it to them.,

"Pay Kulikov and thats your pay for tonight, tell him I'm through ... oh and another thing; you're both fired, fuck off"

Turetsky laughed as they wrapped the weapons up in the sack and walked off towards Ivonin's apartment.

Requesting -

2x Pernach Machine Pistols
1x Katana (Hitori Hanso WHAAAAA!!!!! Kidding)
2x AK-47s
1x Class A Security Guard? (Used to be Gunmen, Vanya was my NPC from the old days, so bit of history there)
-$2,500 Dorrahz
Several million dollars and a house in the Caymens =P

[font=Arial, sans-serif]"Consultancy Expert"
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2006 11:33 am 

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Short and nice. Very Wachowski-esque. Enjoy your stuff. Enough conviction to cover your requests.
But what the- several million dollars and the house? -_- Maybe when I have a concussion or something.

Professional RPing eh? Try pretentious, boring, and snobbish.
When a staffer says your piece looks great- don't believe them. They're pulling your leg, trying to get you to stay here. The real critics are long gone and stabbed.

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