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 Post subject: Big Bubba Blues
PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 5:50 pm 

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Big Bubba Blues

After having his chance in court, Vito was sentenced to life in prison. He kinda wish they would just kill him, but the judge decided to let him rot in Rikers Island. Vito new that only the worst criminals were sent here and he found have to fuck someone up his first day, or he will become someone's prison bitch. The guards dragged and pushed him to his cell and once he finally reached it, they smashed his face into wall. Vito started to bleed a little out of his nose, but he didn’t care. After taking the cuffs off of him, the guards pushed Vito into his new home. After licking te blood from his finger, and looked around. His cell was actually nice and not like the other ones. This is how all the cells on D Block were. It was a gift from the warden. Vito sat down on his cot and leaned against the wall. They should be bringing his personal stuff any minute now. Sure enough, a few second later a box with his things was placed in his cell and the door was shut again. His pillow and linen were in the box along with toilet paper, a tooth brush, tooth paste and the basic things he needed. At the bottom of the box, were some pictures and a few books. After placing the books on the shelf and getting everything in order, Vito laid down in his bed and took a nap before they came and woke him for recreation time.

After a few minutes of resting, Vito started to hear some footsteps. He got up figuring that it was guards coming to get him for recreation time. Sure enough, he was correct. They opened his cell and escorted him to the yard. Once they were outdoors, the guards pushed Vito down the ramp, Move it, convict. Vito paid no attention to him and continued walking around the yard. He noticed the members playing baseball, basketball, and football. As he continued to look around and get use to his surroundings, Vito noticed the one thing he love to do, work out area. Vito walked over to the area and noticed a free bench. He walked over to it and rolled up his sleeves. After putting 300 pounds on, he laid on the bench and started to lift the weight. He was doing it fairly easy and he added on more weight. The bar now weighed 350 and Vito was still doing easy reps. He decided to try his max weight. After putting 510 pounds on the bar, He laid back down on the bench. He took a few deep breaths and noticed that a group had gathered around, including guards. He smirked and put his hands in place on the bar. Once he got a good grip, He pushed up and the bar came off its stand. He brought the bar down slowly and pushed up. He continued to do so 5 more times before he was completely tired.

After putting the bar back on its stand, he sat up on the bench. The crowd started to clap. One of the guards yelled out. That is the most weight that has ever been lifted here at Rikers. Congrats, you just earned yourself a place in our history books. Vito smirked and stood up off the bench. He walked over to where the free weights were and started to do curls with the 50 pound dumbbells. After a few reps, he switched to 75 pounds and continued to do curls. After finishing the reps, he put the dumbbells down and picked up one 50 pound one. Vito put both hands on the end and put it behind his head. After doing reps for his tri-ceps, he put that weight down and rested for a few moments. After a few deep breaths, he bent down and picked up the two 50 pound dumbbells. He put one foot foward and arched his back. He then started to lift his arms outward, working on his traps and lats. After finishing those reps, he took a bar and put about 200 pounds on it. Vito then lifted it up and started to bring it to his chest while standing up. Doing this, was working out his back. By the time he had finished those reps, Recreation time was over. Lets go convicts back to the cells. All the guards were yelling that out and pushing the prisoners back inside.

Vito was now back in his cell. He would be in here for another hour or so before they opened up the gates so that the prisoners could interact with each other. Vito fingered he would make the best of this and get some sleep. He put his pillow against the end of the bed and laid down. He turned on his side and tried to make himself comfortable. Just as Vito was falling asleep, he herd some commotion. He gets up and ask the guy next to him what all the commotion was about. We gots us a new prisoner. Looks like you ain’t the fresh meat anymore boy. Vito didn’t mind that at all and so he sat back on his bed. Meanwhile...The car pulls up to the front of the docks. Out come two authority figures with a Tommy Guns and a large black man in handcuffs.On his left arm he has "Big Bubba Blue" tattood. He appears to be what whites of that time would call, a "grizzly looking negro." He and the guards are ferried across to Alcatraz. Once there "Big Bubba Blue" is booked and sent to his cell. Due to over populating, "Big Bubba Blue" is sent to Vito DeGrazia's cell. The guards let him in, uncuff him and lock the cell back up. One of the guards looks at Vito, Make nice now, And he winks at Vito then walks off. Bubba grabed Vito by the neck and thre him hard on to the bed. Enough to daze Vito for a few seconds. As Vito regains his sense, Buba takes off his trousers...

Vito immediately jumped up off the bed and pushed Big Bubba into the door of the cell. See Bubba was big, but not as big as Vito. Vito was taller, weighed more, and had bigger muscles. Bubba was naked from the waist down and Vito saw this as an opportunity to hurt the man really bad. As Bubba stood straight up, Vito charged at him and just before he hit, Vito raised his knee to Bubba’s lower area. He fell straight down onto his knees holding his balls. Vito had a small laugh and picked Bubba up by the shirt and threw him against the wall. His head smashed into a sharp piece on concrete on the wall and put a big cut on Bubba’s head. Vito then took his head ans smashed it in the same spot over and over again causing it to bleed even more. As Vito put a smirk on his face Bubba got right back up. Vito wasn’t that surprised though, he was a big guy. Bubba grabbed Vito by his neck and started to lift him off the floor. Once he was about an inch off the floor, Bubba threw Vito in the direction of the toilet bowl. Vito’s head smashed into a shelf in doing so. As Vito was getting up, Bubba charged at him and just as he was about to strike, Vito kicked Bubba in the balls again. Vito jumped right up and gave Bubba an upper cut to the head. He was thinking back to his days as an amateur boxer and was gonna use what he learned. Vito started to move lightly on his feet and was doing combos to Bubba’s head and body. He was starting to stumble even more and just as he was about to fall against and cell door it opened.

It was time for dinner and the guards just opened the doors to every cell. This caused Bubba to keep moving backwards and hit into the railing. Vito walked over to him and grabbed him by the collar. He picked Bubba off his feet and then smashed his head on the banister. This caused a major gash on his head and blood start to ooze out. Vito then threw him back into cell and caused him to hit in head on the toilet seat. Vito walked back into the cell and held Bubba’s head in the toilet bowl water. By now, all the guards and inmates were trying to see what was going on and watching the fight. The head guard gave an order not to stop the fight and let it go on till he said. Meanwhile, Vito had taken his head out of the toilet and kept smashing it against a shelf. Finally, Vito took the cover off the toilet bowl and cracked Bubba in the head. Vito wasn’t gonna give him any breaks so, he picked Bubba up and threw him out of the cell again. They were on the second level of the D Block and when Bubba was thrown out of the cell, he fell over the banister. Vito then ran out of his cell and jumped over the banister landing on his feet. He still had the cover in his hand and as soon as Bubba got to his feet, Vito his him in the jaw and then the gut. Bubba was now bending over but still on his feet. Vito gave him a knee to the head and caused Bubba to almost pass out on the floor. Vito then picked Bubba back up and left him standing in the middle of the floor ready to drop to his knees. Vito then walked over to the other side of the floor and charged at Bubba. He connected with a spear to the mid-section and went straight down to the floor with his head hitting first and bouncing off again. Vito now had his hands on his knees and was bending over. He was starting to breath heavily now and somehow, Bubba was getting up. Vito couldn’t believe his eyes and stood up straight.

Bubba walked straight up to Vito and gave him and uppercut. Vito flew back a few feet and landed on a table. All the prisoners that were watching were now going crazy and cheering. The guards had put them back into their cells but were letting them watch the fight. Bubba grabbed Vito by the leg and pulled him off the table and caused him to land hard on the cold concrete floor. Just as Bubba was about to strike, Vito grabbed bubba by the balls and caused him to squeak like a girl. Vito was laughing now and he continued to twist Big Bubba’s balls. Bubba was starting to cry now and tears were dripping down his face. Vito finally let go and pushed Bubba back. Vito looked around and saw the toilet seat cover. He ran over to it and picked it up. After seeing Bubba walk towards him, Vito flung the sat at his head like a frisbee. The cover hit him right in the gash he already had in his head causing him to bleed more. Vito ripped off his shirt and wrapped it around his hands. The convicts could actually see how big Vito really was now. He came up behind Bubba and wrapped the shirt around his neck and pulled. Bubba was starting to loose air now and was trying to fight it off. Just before he was going to pass out, Vito released his grip and let him gain his breathe again. Vito started to circle Bubba now and wanted to provoke him.

Hey Bubba, tell your momma I can’t wait to see her again next time you talk to her. Damn what a fine piece of ass she is. I never heard a bitch scream so loud. Bubba was getting real angry now and you could see it in his face. He slowly got to his feet and walked up to Vito. He punched him right in the head and as he was about to give him another shot, Vito countered and used a Martial Arts technique to break his arm. Bubba screamed out in pain. Vito then continued to walk around him and using another martial arts move, he broke Bubba’s leg. With every crack of the bone, you could hear the inmates reaction. By now, everyone was cheering for Vito, even the black guys because they were ashamed that Bubba, a black man, was getting his ass kicked by a white boy. Vito went over to where the seat cover was again and picked it up. He slowly walk back over to Bubba and started to hit him over and over again with the cover. Finally, he threw it with all his might at Bubba’s head, causing it to bounce back in the air on impact. Vito now stood over Bubba breathing a little heavily. He raised his foot and with all his power stomped on Bubba’s balls. The yell from the impact could be heard from all throughout D Block. Vito put a sic little laugh on and turned around. He started to walk towards the stairs when he heard screaming. Vito turned around and was hit with a direct spear into the steps. Vito fell down and Bubba took this opportunity to attack.

Grabbing Vito by his hair, He swung him into the wall. The force at which Vito was thrown caused the concrete pieces of the concrete to crack and fall off the wall. Vito’s head was now starting to bleed, but it wasn’t as bad at Bubba. As Vito got to his feet, he was met with a left & right to the body and head by Bubba. Vito brushed the hits off and pushed Bubba off of him. Vito gave Bubba another kick to the balls and started to attack his broken leg. Bubba wouldn’t stop screaming from the pain and Vito was enjoying it. He decided to end this thing once and for all. Vito took Bubba by the collar and dragged him to the wall. He positioned Bubba’s good leg so it was sticking out. And with a quick move, Vito broke that leg as well. Bubba tried to his Vito with his good arm, but the attack was counter and Vito broke that arm as well. Bubba now had two broken arms and two broken legs. Vito only had a few more things to do to him to make sure this fight was over. Since Bubba couldn’t stand, Vito sat him down on a bench near by. He took his forearm, he washed Bubba in the nose with it, cause it to break. Bubba screamed out in pain, yelling. He was helpless and there was nothing he could do about it. Vito just wanted to do one more thing to Bubba before he went back to his cell. Looking around, he found the toilet seat cover. After aiming at Bubba’s jaw, he swung the hardest he could. With that shot, Vito broke Bubba’s jaw and caused him to fall off the bench. Vito laughed and threw the cover at his head one last time.

Vito turned around and headed back to his cell. Everyone couldn’t believe what had just happened. The head guard finally told his men to go get Bubba. Because Vito was in the DeCavalcante Family, he was not punished for the fight. Bubba was taken to the Prison Hospital where he had to be treated for two broken legs, two broken arms, a broken, nose, a broken, jaw, four broken ribs and other various injuries. The guards that escorted Vito back to his cell, said it was a miracle that Bubba didn’t die. As the guard placed Vito in his cell, he looked at him. Hey boy, your lucky you won that fight. Everyone is going to respect you now. I don’t think you will be having trouble in this prison again. Especially after what you did to Big Bubba. You’re the first person to ever beat him. When the guard finish, he turned around and left the cell. Just as he was about to close the door, Vito said something. Yo guard. Don’t forget the bitches clothes. Vito threw the clothes at him and the guard laughed. Once the door was closed, Vito straightened up his cell and put everything back the way it was. After 20 minutes, all the cells opened up again and it was time for Vito to go eat some dinner.

- Vito is the most feard man in the prison
- some NPC Thugs who will join Vito after seeing what he has done.
- Respect from Guards. I will RP having them on the take at a later time.
- 2,783 words
- This was written awhile ago when I first started to RP. Thats why it might suck.
- If needed I will rewrite it.
- I only did this to establish myself in the prison.

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Fair enough from when you started to RP. Shows the improvement if anything.


- Vito most feared man on the wing he's on although he's heard of in the rest of the prison
- 2 x C3 Thugs, 4 x C2 Thugs and 6 x C1 Thugs
- Respect from the guards.


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