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50 Cent - Hustla's Ambition
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Like the fire that needs the air,
I won't burn unless you're there, you're there

I need you, I need you to hate,
So I can use you for your energy, you know,
It's real shit, feel this,

America got a thing for this gangsta shit,
They love me, black chucker's, black skully, leather pelle-pelle,
I 'd take spit over raymo's shit, im a vandal,
Got that silver duct-tape on my tre-eight handle,
Two woman in my life bring confusion and shit,
So like Nino in New Jack, I holla "cancel that bitch" look at me,
This is the life I chose, niggaz around me so cold,
Man my heart done froze, I built an empire on the low,
The narcs don't know, Im the weather man,
I take that coco leaf and make that snow, sit back,
Watch ya turn that doe, watch it go, out the door, o after o, ya know, Homie Im just tripple beam dreamin', niggaz be scheamin,
Im fina' live the good life, the fiends are just fiendin,
Conceal my weapon nice and neat so you can't see,
The penetentary is definatly out of the question for me

I want the finer things in my life,
So I hustle, hustle,
Nigga you get in my way while im tryin to get mine,
And I'll buck you, buck you
I don't care who you run with or where you're from,
Nigga fuck you, fuck you
I want the finer things in my life,
So I hustle, hustle

I don't know shit about gymnastics, I summer-sault bricks,
Black tallons start flyin when a nigga flip,
I cook crack in the microwave, niggaz can't fuck with me,
Man my kobes call me chef boyar 50, check my logic,
Smoker's don't like seeds in their weed, shit, send me them seeds,
I'll grow em what they need, then make chia pet plants in the crib thats chronic,
And I'm sellin em for $500 a pop goddamit,
I sell anything, I'm a hustla, I know how to grind,
Step on grapes, put it in water and tell you it's wine,
If you analyze me, what you will find is the DNA of a crook,
And what goes on in my mind, is contagious, hypnotic,
It sounds melodic, if rap was on the block or at the spot I'd be that potent product,
Now get a load of me, flashy, far from low key,
And you can locate me, where ever that doe be, gettin money man!

I want the finer things in my life,
So I hustle, hustle,
Nigga you get in my way while im tryin to get mine,
And I'll buck you, buck you
I don't care who you run with or where you're from,
Nigga fuck you, fuck you
I want the finer things in my life,
So I hustle

It's a hustla's ambition, close your eyes listen, see my vision,
Mossberg pumpin, shotgun thumpin, the drama means nothin,
It's part of the game, catch me in the coop switchin lanes or in the jewler's switchin chains,
I upgraded from 30-Bs to clean Vs,
Rocks that I copped, with procedes from the spot,
I got the energy to win, Im full of adrenelin,
Play the curb and get nautious, watchin the spinners spin,
I made plans to make it, a prisoner of the state,
Now I can invite your ass out to my estate,
Them hollow tips bent me up, but I'm back in shape,
Pour crystal in the blender, make a protien shake,
I'm like the east coast's number one playboy B,
Hugh Hefner, I'll tell ya, he ain't got shit on me,
The feds watch me, icy they can't stop me,
Racist's pointin' at me "look at Niggarace" Hello?

I want the finer things in my life,
So I hustle,hustle
Nigga you get in my way while im tryin to get mine,
And I'll buck you, buck you,
I don't care who you run with or where you're from,
Nigga fuck you, fuck you
I want the finer things in my life,
So I hustle, hustle

50 Cent - A History

More so than any other music since the blues, hip-hop is all about stories. And its stories are both criminal minded and grand, making them enthralling and unbelievable, but also making them only as interesting and convincing as the teller. That's why, despite being blackballed by the industry, without a major-label recording contract, heads still gravitated to Jamaica, Queens' realest son, 50 Cent, like the planets to the sun. 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson 26 years ago, is the real deal, the genuine article. He's a man of the streets, intimately familiar with its codes and its violence, but still, 50, an incredibly intelligent and deliberate man, holds himself with a regal air as if above the pettiness which surrounds him. Couple his true-life hardship with his knack for addictive, syrupy hooks, it's clear that 50 has exactly what it takes to ride down the road to riches and diamond rings. 50 is real, so he does real things.

Born into a notorious Queens drug dynasty during the late '70s, 50 Cent lost those closest to him at an early age. Raised without a father, 50's mother, whose name carried weight in the street (hint, hint, dummies), was found dead under mysterious circumstances before he could hit his teens. The orphaned youth was taken in by his grandparents, who provided for 50. But his desire for things would drive him to the block. Which in his case was the infamous New York Avenue, now known as Guy R. Brewer Blvd. There, 50 stepped up to get his rep up, amassing a small fortune and a lengthy rap sheet. But the birth of his son put things in perspective for the post adolescent, and 50 began to pursue rap seriously. He signed with JMJ, the label of Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay and began learning his trade. JMJ would teach the young buck to count bars and structure songs. Unfortunately, caught up in industry limbo, there wasn't much JMJ could do for 50.

The platinum hitmakers Trackmasters took notice of 50 and signed him to Columbia Records in 1999. They shipped 50 to Upstate NY where they locked him up in the studio for 2 1/2 weeks. He turned out 36 songs in this short period, which resulted in "Power Of A Dollar," an unreleased masterpiece that Blaze Magazine judged a classic. 50's stick up kid anthem "How to Rob" blew through the roof and playfully painted him as a deliriously hungry up-and-comer daydreaming of robbing famous rappers. But 50 and the fans were the only ones laughing. Unable to take a joke, Jay-Z, Big Pun, Sticky Fingaz, and Ghostface Killah all replied to the song. "It wasn't personal. It was comedy based on truth, which made it so funny," says 50 Cent.

In April of '00, 50 was shot 9 times, including a .9mm bullet to the face, in front of his grandmothers house in Queens. He spent the next few months in recovery while Columbia Records dropped him from the label. 50 didn't fold, he flew. Right into the zone. He banged out track after track, despite no income or backing, with his new business partner and friend Sha Money XL. The two recorded over 30 songs, strictly for mix-tapes, with the soul purpose of building a buzz. 50's street value rose and by the end of the spring of '01 he'd released the new material independently on the makeshift LP, "Guess Who's Back?". Beginning to attract interest, and now backed by his crew, G-Unit, 50 stayed on his grind and made more songs. But it was different this time. Rather than create new songs as they had before, 50 decided to showcase his hit-making ability by retouching first-class beats which had already been used. They released the red, white and blue bootleg, "50 Cent Is the Future," revisiting material by Jay-Z and even Rapheal Saadiq.

That's when the unbelievable happened, and hip-hop history was written. The energetic CD caught the ear of supa MC Eminem, and within a week Em was on the radio saying, '50 Cent is my favorite rapper right now.' Em looked to mentor Dr. Dre to confirm his belief in the young hitmaker, and the good doctor co-signed. Floored by the appreciation of the greats, 50 didn't hesitate in signing with the dream team. In the wake of his acquisition, 50 Cent has become the most sought after newcomer in almost a decade. Not since the summer of '94, when radio would play absolutely anything Notorious B.I.G. related, has hip-hop seen buzz like this.

Ever the clever businessman, 50 didn't let the opportunity escape him and quickly released another bootleg of borrowed beats, "No Mercy, No Fear." The CD featured only one new track, "Wanksta," which was certainly not intended for radio, but the streets couldn't wait for the official single and within weeks "Wanksta" became New York's most requested record. Thankfully, the stellar cut has found a home on the multi-platinum soundtrack to Eminem's smash movie, "8 Mile." With several huge hits already under his belt, 50 Cent is poised to be the artist to beat next year. He's coming with over ten incredible tracks stashed from last spring and newly recorded winners courtesy of Eminem, who's really cut his production teeth of late, and hip-hop's greatest, highest-selling producer Dr. Dre. "Creatively, what more could I ask for?" he asks jokingly. "You know if me and Em is in the same room then it's gonna be a friendly competition, neither of us wanna let the other one down. And Dre??? C'mon." Promising an LP of the caliber of rap classics like "Illmatic," "Ready to Die," and "Reasonable Doubt," 50 Cent's debut promises to set the pace for hip-hop in coming years. The product of his unrelenting drive, talent and, frankly, his real-ness, 50's official first album promises to do for him just what it says. With his infectious flow and viciously funny I-don't-give-a-fuck personality, there is no doubt that 50 Cent will Get Rich or Die Trying.

50 Cent - The Works

01. Intro (Skit)
02. What Up Gangsta
03. Patiently Waiting
04. Many Men
05. In Da Club
06. High All The Time
07. Heat
08. If I Can't
09. Blood Hound
10. Back Down
11. P.I.M.P.
12. Like My Style
13. Poor Lil Rich
14. 21 Questions
15. Don't Push Me
16. Gotta Make It To Heaven
17. Wanksta
18. U Not Like Me
19. Life's On The Line

01. Intro
02. In My Hood
03. This Is 50
04. I'm Supposed to Die Tonight
05. Piggy Bank
06. Gatman and Robbin'
07. Candy Shop
08. Outta Control
09. Get in My Car
10. Ski Mask Way
11. Baltimore Love Thing
12. Ryder Music
13. Disco Inferno
14. Just a Lil Bit
15. Gunz Come Out
16. My Toy Soldier
17. Position of Power
18. Build You Up
19. God Gave Me Style
20. So Amazing
21. I Don't Need 'Em
22. Hate It or Love It (G-Unit Remix)

01. Intro/ 50 Cent/ The Massacre
02. In My Hood
03. This Is 50
04. I'm Supposed To Die Tonight
05. Piggy Bank
06. GATman And Robbin
07. Candy Shop
08. Outta Control
09. Get In My Car
10. Ski Mask Way
11. A Baltimore Love Thing
12. Ryder Music
13. Candy Shop
14. Just A Lil Bit
15. Gunz Come Out
16. My Toy Soldier
17. Position Of Power
18. Build You Up
19. God Gave Me Style
20. So Amazing
21. I Don't Need 'Em

6/2/2006 MUZ Awards Russia, Russia
2/26/2006 Active Square Bangkok, Thailand
2/24/2006 Taipei chun San Soccer Stadium Taipei, Taiwan
2/22/2006 Burswood Dome / Theatre Perth, WA , Australia
2/20/2006 Adelaide Entertainment Centre Adelaide, Australia
2/19/2006 Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park Melbourne, VIC , Australia
2/17/2006 Sydney SuperDome Concord West, NSW , Australia
2/15/2006 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, Australia
2/12/2006 Event Centre Wellington, New Zealand
2/10/2006 Westpac Centre Christchurch, New Zealand
12/21/2005 Corel Centre Ottawa, ON , Canada
12/20/2005 Ricoh Coliseum Toronto, ON , Canada
12/19/2005 Bell Centre Montreal, QC , Canada
12/18/2005 Colisee Pepsi Arena Quebec City, QC , Canada
12/15/2005 Harbour Station Saint John, NB , Canada
12/14/2005 Halifax Metro Centre Halifax, NS , Canada
12/3/2005 Pacific Coliseum Vancover, BC , Canada
10/16/2005 Wembley Arena Pavilion London, ENG , United Kingdom
10/14/2005 Bercy Paris, France
10/13/2005 Forest National Brussels, Belgium
10/9/2005 Europahalle Karlsruhe, Germany
10/8/2005 Oberhausen Arena Oberhausen, Germany
10/4/2005 Palais Nikaia Nice, France
10/1/2005 Pavilhao Atlantico Lisbon, Portugal
9/29/2005 Hallenstadion Zurich Zurich, Switzerland
9/28/2005 forum Milan, Italy
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9/23/2005 Le Dome Marseille, France
9/22/2005 Zenith Toulouse, France
9/19/2005 Odyssey Arena Belfast, NIR , United Kingdom
9/18/2005 The Point Dublin, Ireland
9/17/2005 The Point Dublin, Ireland
9/15/2005 Men Arena Manchester, United Kingdom
9/14/2005 Cardiff International Arena Cardiff, WAL , United Kingdom
9/13/2005 Nottingham Arena Nottingham, ENG , United Kingdom
9/11/2005 SECC Glasgow, United Kingdom
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2/8/2003 NV Atlanta, GA, United States
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1/30/2003 Boca Raton Miami, FL, United States
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1/26/2003 4th & B Concert Theater San Diego, CA, United States
1/25/2003 Thomas and Mack Arena Las Vegas, NV, United States
1/19/2003 Diplomat Night Club Boston, MA, United States
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11/9/2002 Suny New Paltz New Paltz, NY, United States
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11/2/2002 Boars Den Buffalo, NY, United States
11/1/2002 The Palladium New Rochelle, NY, United States
10/31/2002 Cheetahs Nightclub Manhattan, NY, United States
10/26/2002 Convention Center Ashbury, NJ, United States
10/25/2002 Roxy Nightclub Norwalk, CT, United States
10/24/2002 Club Cache Newark, NJ, United States
10/20/2002 Cosmopolitan Pawtuckett, RI, United States
10/19/2002 The Skyline Revere, MA, United States
10/18/2002 The Ritz Washington, DC, United States
10/17/2002 Stage East Hartford, CT, United States
10/16/2002 Water Street Club Rochester, NY, United States
10/13/2002 Club Exit Manhattan, NY, United States
10/11/2002 Speed Nightclub Manhattan, NY, United States
BankAtlantic Center Sunrise, FL , United States
Avalon Ballroom Boston , MA, United States
Dunkin' Donuts Center Providence, RI, United States

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, one of the biggest and most popular stars in hip-hop, is the charismatic driving force behind "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" a hard-hitting drama directed by six-time Oscar nominee Jim Sheridan about an orphaned street kid who makes his mark on the drug trade but finally dares to leave violence behind and become the rap artist he was meant to be. Marcus (50) has always known he was going to be a rapper, but when his mother is murdered, he turns to dealing - hustling pays the rent. As his world spirals out of control, he begins to apply the same manic intensity to his writing as he does to his dealing: he has to write down his words to stay sane. For years, he endures this living hell until a tragedy that nearly kills him gets Marcus to change his life.


50 Cent - Bulletproof

After getting shot nine times and left for dead, 50 climbs from the jaws of death to exact revenge on his enemies. Working with his G-Unit soldiers - Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo - 50 takes on the most powerful gangs and crime syndicates in the city, uncovering a criminal conspiracy with international implications.


50 Cent - G-Unit

50 Cent already had street credit and a record deal when he met Tony Yayo. He took Tony with him for his first video shoot in Cancun where Tony realized that he was going to be a rapper instead of a drug dealer. With the addition of Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent formed G-Unit.

Tony Yayo met 50 Cent in 1998 and with the addition of LLoyd Banks they formed the group G-unit. With the success of the their mixtapes, Yayo quickly made a name for himself in the underground circuit.

LLoyd Banks is the youngest member of G-unit and started rapping with 50 Cent and Tony Yayo right out of high school at the age 17. In 2001, he was shot two times.

Young Buck hails from Memphis, Tennessee where he is one half of the Nashville duo Young Buck and D-Tay. He started off in the group UTP which was started by Juvenile in St. Louis. He was the fourth member to join G-Unit.

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