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PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2006 5:14 pm 

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To allow for another aspect of the community of MafiaStation, we decided that we would install a debate forum to allow for some peaceful, but heated debates about controversial issues. These debates will be judged by an Admin and based on your argument, a winner will be declared. A prize will be given accordingly, based on the manner that the debate was conducted, quality of the debate and overall victory. Here is the set up.

-Admin will start collecting different issues and putting them together for debates. If you have any good topic that have a lot of Pros and Cons, then send them to an Admin and they would be considered.
-Once a topic has been chosen, the Admin will post the topic in the debate forum allowing people to post whether they would be interested in that debate or not. Post saying you would do it only if you want to.
-With the two people selected, an Admin would then clear the topic and start it over with the title of the debate and some very basic information on the topic as well as the two people debating.
-The set up for a debate would be each person being allowed three posts. The posts would alternate (P1 P2 P1 P2 P1 P2). After the three posts, the Admin would go in and decide who won.
-The set up of your arguments can include outside sources, but do not post entire sites, we don’t want to read that. Please post the actual lines of information that is important to your debate and please include that information in quotation marks “” with the author’s name at the end. Give credit where it is deserved.
-The winner of the debate will be granted a prize, the Admin using his/her discretion on what is suitable. It can be anything from money, to a car, to weapons, to a business, if it’s that good of a debate.
-To get as many topics as we can, we’ll be giving 5K to any member that provides us with a good debate topic. So, get to it!

Now…We understand that debates can get out of hand because they are very controversial issues. Therefore, the only two people allowed to post in a debate are the two debating people. These debates are to be kept respectable, which means conduct yourself as if you were debating in real life. Don’t start calling your opponent names, degrading them or any of that. Those sorts of things will reduce your points with the grading Admin and you might lose due to it.

-Quality of the debate
-Manner the debate is conducted
-How you use the information you find to your advantage
-Structure to debate.

Debating can be fun, but it can also be very frustrating. Remember to keep your cool and to argue with facts and you’re bound to win! Good luck and may the best debater win.

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